We're settling in for a long 4-day weekend to celebrate the 4th of July here in the US, so here are 4 new films to watch this weekend on DramaFever! 

1.  Sound of a Flower

Starring Ryu Seung Ryong and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

She wanted to be a singer in a time when women weren’t allowed to sing. Pretending to be a man was the only logical solution. Jin Chae Sun (Bae Su Ji “Suzy” from Uncontrollably Fond) is an orphan raised by professional entertainers in the Joseon Dynasty. She loves pansori, the musical storytelling art popular in the royal courts. Jin Chae Sun desperately wants to be a singer. However, women are not allowed to sing or perform on stage. Undeterred, Jin Chae Sun eavesdrops on lessons and practices in secret. She asks famed pansori teacher Shin Jae Hyo (Ryu Seung Ryong from The Admiral and The Recipe) to train her, but he refuses to mentor a woman, even though he realizes she can really sing. Still unwilling to give up, Jin Chae Sun pretends to be a man, and is rejected again. When the king’s father holds a competition for the best musical storyteller, Shin Jae Hyo knows that the only one who can win it is Jin Chae Sun. He agrees to teach her. If it is discovered she is a woman, they will both be killed. As they navigate the perils of lying to the royal family, both Jin Chae Sun and Shin Jae Hyo grow closer to each other and realize that art, like love, knows no gender. Based on the real life story of the first professional female pansori singer, Sound of a Flower is written and directed by Lee Jong Pil. For her role, Suzy went through Pansori training for over a year. The Korean title for the film, “Dorihgawa,” is based on the actual song written by the real-life Shin Jae Hyo for his love and pupil, Jin Chae Sun. Sound of a Flower was released on November 25, 2015.


Sound of a Flower

Starring Ryu Seung Ryong and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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2.  Collective Invention

Starring Lee Kwang SooPark Bo Young, and Lee Chun Hee

An experimental drug makes an ordinary young man into a man-fish. And some people are eager to fry this fish up. Park Goo (Lee Kwang Soo from Running Man) has a problem. An experimental drug has mutated him into a man-fish. Naturally, he is afraid to tell people. However, his girlfriend Ju Jin (Park Bo Young from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) is not. She sees this as a chance to get fame and money. This leads to a meeting with wannabe reported Sang Won (Lee Chun Hee from Dating Agency: Cyrano). With the help of a few viral Internet posts, “Fish-man” Park Goo becomes a media celebrity overnight. The drug, the media and Park Goo’s own friends all collectively invent a monster. Suddenly, there are a lot of people looking to make a profit off the man-fish, and Park Goo’s life is just another line on the balance sheet. Also referred to as “Mutant,” Collective Invention is a dark comedy. It is written and directed by Kwon Oh Kwang and co-written by Jun Go Woon. The film released internationally on October 22, 2015, a month after debuting at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival.


Collective Invention

Starring Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Chun Hee

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3. Glove

Starring Jung Jae Young and Yoo Sun

A disgraced baseball star needs to rebuild his image. Training deaf students might get the job done, if he can keep his own hubris in check. Sang Nam (Jung Jae Young from Duel and Moss) is a baseball star. Currently, though, he is known less for his performance on the field and more for his part in an ongoing assault case. To rebuild his image, Sang Nam’s agent sends him to a countryside school to coach a team of hearing-impaired students. When he arrives, the boys love the big baseball star but Sang Nam doesn’t care. All he sees is a team that doesn’t have enough players and has never won a game. He also doesn’t see how he can teach a team of players that can’t even hear him. Simply put, Sang Nam is just counting his days until he can get back to the playing field. This puts him at odds with Na Joo Won (Yoo Sun), the boys’ ultra-protective music teacher and baseball manager. She hates Sang Nam’s belittling attitude towards the boys, and doesn’t want them to get hurt. Slowly, Sang Nam starts to care for the children and makes it his life’s mission to help them reach the nationals. They never have a shot but, as Sang Nam soon learns himself, we all make our own destiny. Sometimes stylized as “GLove,” Glove is a sports drama directed by directed by Kang Woo Suk (Fists of Legend) and written by Kim Ki Bum and Shin Dong Ik (Miss Granny). It is based on the real-life story of a baseball team from the Chungju Sung Shim High School, which is a school for students with hearing impairments. The film released on January 20, 2011."

4.  White

A struggling girl group steals a song that makes them an instant hit. But there is someone who really does not like it when they steal. Pink Dolls is a struggling girl group. They never quite get the recognition they deserve, in spite of having four talented members. Eun Ju (T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung) is a former breakdancer who can really move. Je Ni (Jin Se Yun from Doctor Stranger) is a talented singer who hesitates to hit the high notes. Ah Rang (Choi Ah Ra) is a gifted vocalist but a little addicted to plastic surgery. Shin Ji (May Doni Kim) can’t sing but is an exceptional rapper. They all struggle for fame as part of the same group, though none of them get along particularly well. One day, Eun Ju comes across an unreleased tape for a single, titled “White.” Since the rights to the song are unknown, their manager gives them the go-ahead to steal it. After performing it live one night, the girls suddenly become a sensation. And as the group rises, so do the already-numerous rifts between the members. As they all fight to decide who is the lead of the group, strange things start to happen, and whoever becomes the lead dies a horrific death. As the last living member, Eun Joo realizes that it all has to do with the song they stole. With the help of her friend Soon Ye (Hwang Woo Seul Hye), Eun Joo now has to figure out how to survive. But this is one melody of death that is really difficult to silence. Also known as “Melody of Death” and “Melody of the Curse,” White is a horror thriller written and directed by twins team Kim Gok and Kim Sun, with co-writing by Shin Kwang Ho. The film released on June 9, 2011.

Which movies will you be watching? Which do you recommend? Comment below!