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So called 'Noona romances' are relationships where the female lead is older than the male lead in a Kdrama. From the summer hit, "I Hear Your Voice" to the popular "Flower Boy Ramen Shop," the past few years have seen these older woman/younger man relationships become more prevalent. Let's discuss a few reasons why these relationships are so trendy and enjoyable.

1. The age difference usually provides another barrier for the couple to jump over together.

One, or both, members of the couple usually have to overcome their fear of society not accepting their relationship. However, when they finally admit their true feelings it feels all the more real.

2. The "forbidden" aspect of their relationship is also alluring in and of itself.

*In Big, I realize that his body is older than hers, but he is still 19 year old Kyung Joon on the inside!

3. Older women/younger man relationships are of a scandalous nature.

The pairings often feel risqué (even if they really aren't), like in My Lovely Sam Soon, just because of the age difference.

4. Lastly, I think they are popular because the dynamic is interesting!

It's not very often (in my experience at least) to come across a couple where the woman is significantly older than the man, so it piques your curiosity from the unfamiliarity of the situation.

These are just a few reasons why noona romances are gaining more and more attention in Korean Dramas. In the comment section below, let's hear what you guys think about them!

Would you ever have a noona romance? Comment below!