T.O.P may be the main actor in BIGBANG, but the whole group really puts on a wonderful show while recreating iconic K-dramas. These parodies may be a few years old, but they certainly haven't lost any of their humor! If you don’t already love BIGBANG, it will be hard to resist their charms after watching these awesome videos!

Now sit back back, relax, and be ready to laugh at BIGBANG's hilarious antics!

1. Coffee Prince

From Eun Chan's adorable habit of blowing her bangs out of her face to even the iconic "Alien Kiss," T.O.P and G-Dragon do an excellent job playing the leads from Coffee Prince! Also, the extra musical touches like including the line "I'm sorry but I love you" from "Lies" were perfect!

2. Boys Over Flowers

In this unique version that mostly follows the Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers, T.O.P takes on the role of the leader of the F4. Daesung plays the main girl (Jan Di / Makino), but this hilarious story is more about friendship than love!

3. Beethoven Virus

BIBANG certainly shows off a new side of their dance moves in this K-drama parody. T.O.P's English is also super entertaining!

4. Secret Garden

And last, but certainly not least, is one of my all-time favorite videos. T.O.P and G-Dragon once again make a wonderful pairing as Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im! Even better, BIGBANG watches alongside as the video plays, showing us their reactions to all the hilarious moments and kisses!

And if that wasn't enough, here's a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Secret BIGBANG!

Which BIGBANG K-drama parody is your favorite? What moments made you laugh the hardest?

I know BIGBANG has already hit it big, but wouldn't it be amazing if they did another parody? I would pay good money for a My Love from Another Star version! T.O.P would make a fantastic Do Min Joon. Which drama would you like to see BIGBANG act out? Share your thoughts below!

Watch BIGBANG before they were stars in the documentary series BIGBANG: The Beginning:

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