It is one thing to go to the art museum and see life sized sculptures, but it is quite another to go shopping at the mall and look up to see a 45 ft sculpture of a panda mounted on the roof.

Lawrence Argent, an artist known for building large public installations, was commissioned to build a piece Argent calls "I Am Here" for the opening of the Chengdu International Finance Square. The team responsible for the finance square picked Argent for the job because his pieces have typically melded well with their surroundings.

“The project is not about that panda being in the building or an object outside the building. It's about something that is integrated… I'm not interested in creating an object of decoration. That's not what I do. My task is to create something that fits the surrounding or the area. If it were to be removed, you would miss it," Argent said of the project.

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So far, "I Am Here" has been a great attraction for shoppers and critics alike. And who wouldn’t be attracted to it? Everyone loves a happy, climbing panda!