49 Days may have ended, but not the contest! For one thing, here is the winning caption for week 4's caption contest:

49 Days Caption Winner

Congratulations fogue642! We thoroughly enjoyed the captions for week 4! You can check out all the entries here.

And now we present to you the winner of the monthly caption contest. Believe me, it was hard to pick one.

49 Days Month's Caption Winner

Congratulations Markie! We will be sending you an email shortly about the 49 Days DramaFever T-Shirt!

Meanwhile, you can still sign up for a DramaFever prize package here! You have until June 9, 2011 at 12pm EST to enter - so hurry up and enter! You can win a 49 Days t-shirt and a poster, with either the coffee mug set or the teardrop necklace!