49 Days Jung Il Woo

Fourteen episodes have already aired in Korea, and thoroughly recapped at Dramabeans. And honestly, I'd just say: go watch it! But of course, let's say you are watching it - so what to do during those interminably long six days in between episodes? Of course - you need more drama crack! Hence - a photo recap of the last two episodes of 49 Days.

*[SPOILER ALERT]* - do not read further if you don't want to know!

Episodes 13 and 14 have proven to be quite a turning point in the series. Honestly, the drama had a strong start, and then I feel like it flagged somewhere in the middle, around episode 9 to 11. But episode 13 picks up the pace, and episode 14 has given me my first "OHMYGOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" moment.

Episode 13:

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Jo Hyun Jae

Han Kang: I'm gonna kiss you right now, whether you like it or not!

(Nah - he really doesn't - but he does hug her!)

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo

Ji Hyun-Yi Kyung sure likes to get into people's faces - as she interrupts Scheduler's spring reverie. She's only there to bug him about whether or not Kang knows she's really Ji Hyun. Scheduler tells her to use her head... except, Ji Hyun's not the brightest bulb.

49 Days Lee Yo Won 49 Days Nam Gyu Ri

After a night of work, Yi Kyung returns home and hangs her jacket - only to brush her arm against Ji Hyun's delicate sleeves. Does she see her!? She totally does! Maybe! Can anyone ever see ghosts? Anyways - she sure does feel Ji Hyun's presence.

49 Days Nam Gyu Ri Bae Soo Bin

Desperate to figure out the contents of Min Ho's safe, Ji Hyun haunts (heh..) Min Ho's bedroom. She totally does not watch Min Ho change from his suits to his pajamas - nuh uh. Although, why would you turn away!!??

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo-2 49 Days Yearbook Photo

Ji Hyun gives up trying to get information from Min Ho, so she looks up Song Yi Soo. She finds Yi Kyung's old yearbook and looky-there! Song Yi Soo = Scheduler!

NO WAY! (Well, it's a "duh!" moment for us viewers, but for Scheduler, he's aghast that when he was human, his "type" was someone as disheveled and melancholy as Song Yi Kyung.)

Episode 14:

49 Days Seo Ji Hye and Lee Yo Won

Seo In Jung: Stay away from Kang Min Ho!

Ji Hyun-Yi Kyung: Sure - cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater! *pfffffft*

Seo In Jung: Wow - your elementary school antics remind me so much of Ji Hyun!

49 Days Jo Hyun Jae

Han Kang realizes that Ji Hyun really is possessing Yi Kyung's body when he sees her handwritten letters - one to her father begging him to get surgery, and the other to him, thanking him for being a friend. He takes the opportunity to convince Ji Hyun's dear father to get the surgery. Yay for Han Kang!

49 Days Bae Soo Bin at Hospital 49 Days Bae Soo Bin

Because every villain must be a misunderstood fella' in some way, we see Min Ho watching his mother in the hospital (because of dementia) and yet refuses to let himself be seen by her. Do you have sympathy for him?

49 Days Scheduler Disguise

Scheduler's disguise when he appears in corporeal form to Yi Kyung at her coffee shop. 'Nuff said.

49 Days Teardrop Necklace Breaking 49 Days Scheduler and Nam Gyu Ri

Because Han Kang knows of Ji Hyun's true identity as a ghost, her teardrop necklace breaks! Scheduler arrives, and intones, "It's time for you to ride the elevator, Shin Ji Hyun."


Oh - wait, it's just Ji Hyun's overactive imagination. Ok - we're cool. Moving on.

49 Days Jo Hyun Jae and Bae Soo Bin

Han Kang: Hands off of Ji Hyun and her family!

Min Ho: Psh - whatever man. I'm going to carry out my revenge.

Han Kang: What'd they ever do to you!?

Min Ho: Nothing.

49 Days Bae Soo Bin - Shoe

Sufficiently warned by In Jung, who's pretty much figured out that Ji Hyun = Yi Kyung, he takes Ji Hyun-Yi Kyung out for shoe shopping. It confirms that they are indeed one and the same, because the bauble he picked up from the hotel room matches the ones on her shoe. Therefore Yi Kyung the Body was present during his clandestine rendezvous with In Jung.

So he tails her, all the way to her cafe.

49 Days Bae Soo Bin-2 49 Days Lee Yo Won-2

Min Ho: Song Yi Kyung.

Yi Kyung: What's up, Kang Min Ho?

OMG - how'd she know who he was?! The only explanation I can come up with is that Ji Hyun's activities in her body are starting to surface up to her consciousness.

Ghost, meet Body. Body, meet Ghost.

Caption Me!

OK - to commemorate the wonderful-ness of this drama (and to feed additional crack for addicts), here's a caption contest! Write your ideas for the caption of the photo below in the comments section. We'll announce and give a shout out to the winner next week, on May 9, 2011! Edit: Check out the winner here!

49 Days Caption Contest 1

Here's mine:

"I may be a married ex-monk, but I sure do enjoy the extra eye candy in this restaurant!"

**UPDATE:** This contest is now closed. Click here for the winner of the contest!