49 Days Moon Hee Kyung and Jin Ye Sol

It's almost the end! Episodes 15 and 16 were all about revelation and exposition, which is good because it's about time we get some answers. But there are still a few more nuggets of surprises in store for us! Spoilers below! And you can watch the episodes by clicking here.

Episode 15:

Though Yi Kyung doesn't know why she replied to Min Ho (when she technically doesn't know him), she does freak out and gets saved by the day by her psychologist Dr. Noh. She tells him she believes a friendly ghost is taking over her body.

49 Days Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won

Yi Kyung: I was abandoned by my mother at a train station, and Yi Soo befriended me at the orphanage and promised that we would always be together. And then he died.

Yi Soo: (tears pouring down his face) I...did that to you!?

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Choi Jung Woo 49 Days Friends

It's the day of Ji Hyun's father's surgery. Han Kang is a kind soul (har har) who takes Ji Hyun/Yi Kyung to go see her father at the hospital. She tells her father to make sure he comes back alive, and hugs him. Her friends go and bid the father off to the operating room. Only Seo Woo stays at the hospital; the rest have other "business" to attend to.

Such great friends.

49 Days Lee Yo Won

Man: You have a tear!? No fair! I don't even have one! Then again - I was just a president and people probably hated me. This body I'm inhabiting is the one who killed me. Listen to me kid - make use of your remaining 13 days and see the people you love for one last time.

Kaedejun: Thanks for the life lessons, man!

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Jo Hyun Jae 49 Days Nam Gyu Ri

Han Kang: You want to know why I owe Ji Hyun so much? It's because she made me eat that oyster seaweed soup. Little did I know, that was my mother's last act of love before she died alone from cancer.

He doesn't know that his mother gave Ji Hyun the bracelet she lost at the fair, but he returns it to her that night.

They are SO fated to be with each other.

49 Days Seo Ji Hye and Bae Geu Rin

Seo Woo realizes that In Jung is dating Min Ho behind Ji Hyun's back. CAT FIGHT!!!! Well deserved beating, and it was about time!

49 Days Seo Ji Hye and Lee Yo Won

In Jung: You want to know why I hated Ji Hyun? It's because she was too nice. She was so nice that she made me feel miserable and feel inferior to her. That's why I want to take away everything she has, so that she can learn what it feels like to work hard for something.

Kaedejun: Soo...should I just be mean to my friends then, In Jung? OK - thanks for the life lesson...

49 Days Lee Yo Won-2 49 Days Jung Il Woo

Ji Hyun: Scheduler! You TOTALLY cheated on Yi Kyung! How dare you!?! Scheduler: What...no! I didn't! I didn't, Yi Kyung! Ji Hyun: Yah...don't give me that look...I'm not Yi Kyung...

Episode 16:

49 Days Rings 49 Days Jung Il Woo-2 Yi Soo's backstory time! Yi Kyung had found that same incriminating photo and accused Yi Soo of cheating on her. He yells that he's sick of her, and they stop talking to each other. However, Yi Soo immediately feels bad, and he buys couple rings engraved with their initials. Except...he doesn't pay attention on the road and ends up in a terrible accident - in which he dies. ACK.

49 Days Moon Hee Kyung and Son Byung Ho

Aw - couple's fight. Wifey wants to leave Hae Won for keeping secrets from her, so he cries - and she cries.

And they realize that TEARS are the best sign of TRUE LOVE! Ta dah!

49 Days Jo Hyun Jae

Han Kang: I'm sooo not looking at your chest right now. It's the necklace. Really.

Han Kang realizes that Ji Hyun needs tears to live, and Ji Hyun finds out that her first tear came from Han Kang. YAY! They wuv each other!

49 Days Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won

Ji Hyun: Wait - you mean, Yi Kyung is the one who caused my accident? *Aaaaaahhshjhjasjdfsjhksa!*

Scheduler: Hey stop that! You're hurting my Yi Kyung!

Ji Hyun: Pfft - she KILLED me!

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyu Ri

Ji Hyun is spitting mad when she gets home, and yells at Yi Kyung. She gets so mad that she knocks the chopsticks right out of Yi Kyung's hands.

Uh-oh. Now Yi Kyung can really sense her presence. She is thoroughly spooked, and runs out of the house.

49 Days Lee Yo Won and Bae Soo Bin 49 Days Lee Yo Won

Min Ho: So Song Yi Kyung, do you want a better job at a hotel in Busan? I need you to get away from this ghost...

Yi Kyung: Well, since that ghost won't stop bothering me when I eat, sure - why not?

49 Days Nam Gyu Ri 49 Days Jo Hyun Jae

That's bad for Ji Hyun though - because now she's body-less, and she's exhausted because her days are nearing an end. She faints in the middle of the street, unseen.

But Han Kang is frantically searching for her. Of course he is.


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