Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won amusement park

The drama is over! What to do?! I'm personally OK with how the drama ended, although it certainly doesn't make this drama rise to the top of my "Most Favorite" list. Nevertheless, it's good.

Episode 19

Yoo Ji In and Choi Jung Woo Nam Gyu Ri Hospital
Mama and Papa Shin: Ji Hyun! You're awake! Ji Hyun: Mornin' - what'd I miss?
Jo Hyun Jae Nam Gyu Ri 2 But while everyone is so happy to see her back alive, Han Kang gets a shock - Ji Hyun doesn't remember being in love with him! She doesn't know about how their relationship grew in the past 49 days, and treats him as coldly as before. Yoo Ji In Bae Geu Rin Jo Hyun Jae Seo Ji Hye Mama Shin, Seo Woo, and Han Kang decide that they can't tell Ji Hyun right away about In Jung and Min Ho's betrayal. But that means they need to drag In Jung to the hospital because Ji Hyun is super excited to see her. Mama Shin and Seo Woo have to drag In Jung to the hospital, as the girl is so wracked with guilt over her actions. Jo Hyun Jae 2 Nam Gyu Ri 3 Post-physical therapy session:
Han Kang: Soo...while you were asleep, did you dream of me? At all? Ji Hyun: Why would I tell you what I dreamed about? Han Kang: Never mind...
Jung Il Woo Invitation from heaven Scheduler is angry at his senior for giving him his memory back before his term as scheduler ended, and she tells him that though he can't return back to life, it doesn't mean he can't ever see Yi Kyung. Given a leeway, he sends Yi Kyung an invitation to meet him for a special date! Lee Yo Won Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won In fairy tale garden, Yi Kyung tearfully reunites with Yi Soo/Scheduler. And yes - he's real! They spend the entire day together, and first order of business is to go back to the scene of his accident. Yi Soo explains that he always loved Yi Kyung, and that the photo was just a misunderstanding. He finds the wedding ring he was going to give to her and slips it on her finger. For the day, they are married.

Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won amusement park

Yi Soo and Yi Kyung head over to the amusement park, where he had promised to take her for her birthday. They ride all of the rides and enjoy the gift shop...

That evening, Yi Soo sends Yi Kyung off to get groceries to cook him dinner. While she's gone, he renovates her entire room into a girly-girl room complete with furniture. Oh the perks of having a heavenly and magical boyfriend...

Lee Yo Won 2 Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo Kiss

But - all good things come to an end. The following day, Yi Soo tells Yi Kyung to throw away the wedding ring. He loves her, but he can never be with her. He's dead, and even if she dies, they'll be separated forever. He begs her to live a happy life for him, so that he will not feel burdened and be unhappy in his next life. He gives her one last kiss before disappearing from her forever.


Bae Soo Bin with mother Bae Soo Bin arrested

Min Ho's plans crumble around him, and it's not long before he is investigated and arrested for his fraudulent practices. He visits his mother - who's in the hospital with dementia - one last time and that's when she remembers him. It brings tears to his eyes, and he sobs into his mother's arms before being led away.


When he interrogated, he takes all the blame for his crimes, making sure that In Jung gets off scot-free.

Lee Yo Won 3 Nam Gyu Ri 4

Yi Kyung hears that Ji Hyun is awake, and though Han Kang told her that Ji Hyun remembers nothing, she can't help but visit the hospital. Lo and behold, Ji Hyun DOES remember her! So - how could she remember Yi Kyung if she acted like she didn't remember Han Kang and the past 49 days?

Ji Hyun: That's because...I'm going to die soon.


Episode 20 (Final Episode):

Jung Il Woo 2 Nam Gyu Ri 5 FLASHBACK: After Ji Hyun woke up, Scheduler visited her to let her know that the last soul on his schedule is her. She was destined to die in 6 days, but had the accident and 49 days journey just before her predetermined date of death. Because it was so unfortunate, the heavens are giving her the choice to remember everything, or to go back to being innocent Shin Ji Hyun. She chooses to remember everything, and decides to use the last 6 days to tie everything up. Nam Gyu Ri family dinner Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyu Ri Ji Hyun leaves the hospital for a day and has a meal with her parents at home. They're super thrilled to have her awake and sharing a meal with her. Ji Hyun also goes to visit Yi Kyung, and asks for her help in making kimbap.

Nam Gyu Ri and Jo Hyun Jae picnic

With the handmade kimbap, she asks Han Kang on a date! OK- she really says, "Pretend to be my boyfriend for the day," but that's enough of a confession, no? They spend a nice day in the park, eating kimbap, listening to music, and taking candid pictures of each other. Cuuuuute.

Nam Gyu Ri Wish Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won

Han Kang takes Ji Hyun to a statue where rumor has it, wishes come true when you throw a coin at it. Ji Hyun takes a moment to make her wish, and Han Kang has a FLASHBACK to when Yi Kyung visited him, telling him that Ji Hyun remembers everything but is purposely acting distant so that Han Kang won't be so hurt when she dies.

Ji Hyun: I wish Han Kang will forget me.

Han Kang: I wish Ji Hyun can live.

Ji Hyun's death Bae Geu Rin and Jo Hyun Jae Funeral

Her six days come to an end, and Ji Hyun suffers from a sudden abdominal aortic rupture, killing her instantly. But Ji Hyun is ready, and calmly follows Scheduler to her elevator to heaven.

Seo Woo and Han Kang are given the responsibility to bury her ashes, and they plant it under a tree named in her honor.

*Sniff!!* Stop making me cry!

Jo Hyun Jae letter Lee Yo Won bank book

Ji Hyun is not easily forgotten, and Han Kang remembers that she entrusted a box of Yi Kyung's belongings to him. He brings it to Yi Kyung, who is surprised to find the key to Yi Soo's locker in his old music studio. She had forgotten about it, and goes with Han Kang to check it out.

In the locker, she finds her backpack from her childhood and a bank book to a secret account Yi Soo had opened in her name. He made numerous deposits, all of it showing his love for her.

*Ack!* If this keeps going - I will need another box of tissues!

Jo Hyun Jae and Yoo Ji In Ji Hyun and Ji Min as children

The next day, Han Kang visits the Shin household to see how the parents are holding up. Mama Shin is grieving by looking over old photos of when Ji Hyun was a child. There's also another girl in those photos - Ji Min, Ji Hyun's older sister.

Mama Shin explains that Ji Min was kidnapped many years ago, and they were never able to find her. Mama Shin had given up hope that Ji Min was still alive, and because Ji Hyun was so young, she eventually forgot about Ji Min.

Han Kang recognizes the shoes and backpack that Ji Min is wearing in the photo and puts two and two together...

Lee Yo Won Yoo Ji In and Jo Hyun Jae Jung Il Woo 3

Han Kang brings Mama Shin to Yi Kyung's home, where she recognizes the backpack. So... YI KYUNG IS JI MIN? YI KYUNG IS JI HYUN'S SISTER?!

What the hell!?

Scheduler is listening and is all surprised by the revelation. Our guesses that the final, third tear was from Yi Kyung are actually wrong...

Seo Ji Hye tear

FLASHBACK: The tear actually came from In Jung! After her failed attempt at killing Ji Hyun (by removing the respirator), she had a sudden bout of guilty conscience and decided to stop her evil plotting with Min Ho. As she cries, she wishes that she could turn back time to when she was happy with Ji Hyun and Seo Woo. It's her final tear of sorrow and love that brought Ji Hyun back to life.

*Awww* - my chest constricts from this touching revelation, but I don't like her enough to cry so... the tissues are spared from my runny nose.

Bae Soo Bin prison

FLASH FORWARD! Two years later, In Jung is living right back at her hometown of Jinan. She visits Min Ho in prison and tells him that she's taking care of his mother. For the remainder of his sentence, she will take care of his mother, and then she will leave him and they can go their separate ways.

Bae Geu Rin and Kim Ho Chang

Seo Woo has her happy ending as well - she's now dating the former Heaven waiter Joon Hee (who has now presumably gone up in the business world). It's also Yi Kyung's last day working at Heaven, as she's leaving to work at the resort in Haemido.

Jin Ye Sol Kang Sung Min

Waitress Soon Jung gets her happy ending with Dr. No Kyung Bin, as Yi Kyung helpfully sets the two of them up!

And last but not least, Hae Won and his wife Hwa Joon are expecting a baby! (How she got a pregnant at such an advanced age is quite a miracle!)

Yoo Ji In and Lee Yo Won Lee Yo Won and Jo Hyun Jae with trees

Yi Kyung has one last dinner with her newfound family before she leaves for Haemido, and then goes with Han Kang to pay respects to Yi Soo and Ji Hyun.

Though both have lost their loved ones, they now have a new zest for life, learning to live each day as if they only had 49 days left. And, because they knew Yi Soo and Ji Hyun, they're happy.



If that wasn't quite the quiet ending... I am personally at peace with the ending. I don't like it, nor do I think it the best ending ever, but it's fitting. I'm glad that the writer decided to do something different and not give a happy ending for this romantic comedy. It's nice to see that if Ji Hyun had to die, at least her death was not in vain.

What did you think about the ending? Liked it? Loved it? Hated it?

And most importantly, how many boxes of tissue did you go through?!

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