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Episode 17:

Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Il Woo

Scheduler: Snap out of it will you? Now tell me, where's Song Yi Kyung?

Ji Hyun: Train...station...Busan...

Nam Gyu Ri Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won Lee Yo Won

Ji Hyun: Please...please let me use your body - I only have a few days left!

Han Kang: Please...please let her use your body - she only has a few days left!

Yi Kyung: I...can see her! She's next to you, Han Kang!

Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo

All is well, and Yi Kyung lets Ji Hyun back in. As repayment, she goes off to cook a nice meal for Yi Kyung. Scheduler decides to crash the shopping party and tells her which side dishes to make. As well as inform her that she is not to share any skinship with Han Kang while in his girlfriend's body.

When they were younger and working hard in college, Scheduler / Yi Soo had made sure that she would always have a packed lunch - even if it meant he couldn't sleep for more than a few hours each day.

49 Days Cafe Scene episode 17

Operation Ruin Min Ho commences! Yi Kyung convinces Min Ho that she left Ji Hyun behind on the train, and will continue to pretend she's Ji Hyun while working at Heaven.

Some more plot - our heroic team finds out that Papa Shin's company is going bankrupt, and so Han Kang gives Mama Shin Ji Hyun's seal. If they take out a loan using Ji Hyun's land, they can pay off their debts. The company is saved!

Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won

All is well in drama land! Except - NO SKINSHIP!!

Lee Yo Won and safe Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won Unconvinced that Min Ho's evil plans have been thwarted, Ji Hyun takes over Yi Kyung's body and opens the safe (using his mother's birthday as the code). The secret documents aren't there. CAUGHT! Ji Hyun manages to fall out of Yi Kyung's body, leaving Yi Kyung to sort out the mess. 49 Days episode 17 exorcism Nam Gyu Ri exorcist Surprise! Min Ho brought an exorcist to expel Ji Hyun's soul out of Yi Kyung's body. But since she's already out of the body, it doesn't really work. The exorcist does find her though in the kitchen.

Han Kang and the Scheduler in disguise arrive just in time to get Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun out of there.

49 Days episode 17 car scene

Han Kang: Why the hell did you go to Min Ho's apartment (Ji Hyun)?!

Scheduler: Why the hell you yellin' at my girl for?

Yi Kyung: Ji Hyun's sitting next to me. And she wanted Min Ho's secret documents.

Han Kang: Oh. My bad.

49 Days episode 17 Heaven

Han Kang: You're moving in with me for safety.

Scheduler: Dang... for a soul, you're pretty heavy Ji Hyun.

Jo Hyun Jae Lee Yo Won hugging Jo Hyun Jae

Yi Kyung: Ji Hyun doesn't have much time left.

Han Kang: Don't say that! She'll live!

Yi Kyung: Aww - let me give you a hug and make things better.

Episode 18:

But guess what?! It was actually Ji Hyun who hugged Han Kang! He tells her not to leave him suddenly like his mother did, and she promises. Seo Ji Hye Bae Soo Bin
Min Ho: I can't get any of the girls I want! So since you started all this mess, you end it. Take Ji Hyun off her respirator! In Jung: Are...you crazy?! Min Ho: Yes! You've turned me into a monster!

Ji Hyun: What...are you doing?


Seo Ji Hye and Jo Hyun Jae Jo Hyun Jae and Bae Soo Bin

Oh - whew. Han Kang arrives just in time to stop her. He immediately goes after Min Ho - "You're just like your father." Min Ho isn't too happy with that comparison.

Seo Ji Hye and Bae Soo Bin Yoo Ji In

Caught! Mama Shin knows about the two of them!!! Those traitors!!

In Jung gives Mama Shin her twisted reasoning about why she's betraying them: because Mama Shin took her in but never treated her like a real daughter, she's bitter. Because Ji Hyun always lavished her with love, she felt belittled and inferior.

Girl doesn't know how to be thankful.

Jo Hyun Jae Son Byung Ho

Han Kang: I'll be going to America for a couple of days to secure an investment from my father. Don't tell Ji Hyun.

Hae Won: ... Um, are you gonna be back before she, yunno, dies?

Lee Yo Won and Bae Geu Rin

With only a few days left, Ji Hyun visits her friends. "Seo Woo - you were Ji Hyun's favorite friend. Just letting you know that."

Knowing that she's about to die, she purchases gifts for Yi Kyung, thanking her for lending her a body. She also informs the Scheduler that she's ready to leave for heaven, even though she has about 7 hours left in the world.

Lee Yo Won Bae Geu Rin

When Yi Kyung opens her gift, she's immensely touched. She allows the tears to fall for the girl who desperately wants to live, while she herself couldn't care less about life.

The doctor also informs Seo Woo and Mama Shin that it's time to take Ji Hyun off the respirator; she's not coming back. Seo Woo, thinking back to her friendship with Ji Hyun, allows the tears to fall as well...

Jung Il Woo Three Tears in necklace

Scheduler: Ready to go to Heaven? *does hand-wavy thing* Wait, whut!? You got two more tears within minutes of each other. You...have three tears!?!?!!!

Nam Gyu Ri

And with that, Ji Hyun wakes up in the hospital.


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