Suicide Warning TV Content

Suicide can be a touchy subject for South Korea. The Korean FCC (known as KCC) had a meeting on June 20th and decided to issue warnings to dramas 49 Days and Pure Pumpkin Flower, and a 'caution' warning to I Believed in Men49 Days had depicted suicide when they showed Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) attempting to hang herself with rope from the ceiling. Pure Pumpkin Flower showed a mother threatening to kill herself when her daughter blackmails her. The daughter then tries to commit suicide by jumping off a roof after discovering her parents' criminal record, and the mother encourages it! As for I Believed in Men, the female lead pulls a prank by pretending she killed herself by hanging. The KCC stated, "Suicide is becoming a more prevalent social problem lately. We believe that detailed depiction of suicide or its methodology may negatively impact the viewers. We will respond strongly for future depiction of suicide attempts in drama content." source: My Daily