Even if you leave JYP, I won't let you go...It's a sad day for 2AM fans after two members have chosen not to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment. 2AM was an awesome group with an even more awesome sense of humor! Even though most of their songs were serious or dramatic, their attitudes certainly weren't!

Check out these six awesome videos, from classic music videos to funny dance impersonations, that will help you get through the news of 2AM's uncertain future!

While it was only a few months ago that it looked like 2AM was gearing up for a comeback, two of the band's members have chosen to let their contracts expire and not re-sign with JYP. Seulong has decided to join SidusHQ, while Jinwoon is currently in negotiations with Mystic Entertainment. Of the two remaining members of 2AM, Jo Kwon has decided to stay with JYP and Changmin still has 6 months left on his contract.

According to a representation for the band and JYP: 

"Seulong and Jinwoon both decided to head to different agencies to take on new challenges and changes. As Jo Kwon has been carrying out roles in musicals, he'll continue focusing on singing and musicals... This was all wrapped up with no ill feelings between the members. It seems they'll all be focusing on their individual activities for the time being, but because the members have a great relationship and are also on good terms with JYP, if the conditions and requirements are right, there is the possibility that they can carry on group activities. So it's not that they've officially ended group activities."

So there is hope for fans! 2AM is not officially disbanded and they remain on good terms with each other and JYP. This is good news that leaves their future open ended. And as K-pop fans know, nothing is impossible!

2AM fans will love these videos showing off 2AM's talent and hilarious sense of humor!

1. "Even If I Die I Can't Let You Go" Music Video

A true classic. The emotion in this song and music video is outstanding — you can't help but feel their pain. Even Cheon Song Yi was a fan of the song in My Love From Another Star!

2. "Goodbye Baby" (miss A) Dance Cover

These guys refuse to take themselves seriously! This video is evidence of that. They look like they are having so much fun imitating miss A!

3. "Days Like Today" Music Video

2AM's most recent release was just as amazing as their old stuff.You can't help but love this song!

4. 2AM Shirtless Photoshoot


5. Day in the Life of 2AM

Another example of how funny Jo Kwon, Seulong, Jinwoon, and Changmin are! These guys are always having fun with each other!

6. "I Did Wrong" Live Performance

I love the puppeteer style of this live performance! The music video for "I Did Wrong" is pretty amazing (and heart wrenching) as well!

If Seulong's departure makes you sad, just remember you can watch him in Fool's Love here on DramaFever!

Good luck to Seulong and Jinwoon on their future projects! And 2AM fans — keep the faith alive that we will see this awesome group together again!

Which video above is your favorite? Will you miss 2AM as much as I obviously will? Comment down below!