From the start, new revenge drama, Cross, has us on the edge of our seats with its gripping story and stunning visuals. Along with Go Kyung Pyo, who plays a doctor bent on revenge, we welcome back some popular actors who always give memorable performances. Do you recognize any of them?

1. Yang Jin Sung - Dr. Son Yeon Hee

She was the leading lady in Bride of the Century and My Unfortunate Boyfriend. Her character, Son Yeon Hee, is an obstetrician and resident doctor at the Sunrim general hospital as well as the daughter of the hospital's director. She is impressed by the brilliant Kang in Gyu (Go Kyung Pyo), but she seems to be hiding some secrets.

2. Jang Gwang - Director Son Young Sik

This veteran film and drama actor is seen frequently in key supporting roles. Do you remember him as Eunuch Han in the enchanting Joseon romantic tale, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds? His character, Son Young Sik, is the director of a big general hospital and is constantly faced with difficult decisions like negotiating between financial feasibility and medical responsibility.

3. Kim Ji Han - Dr. Lee Joo Hyuk

The handsome actor's most devoted fans still miss him as Tal Tal in Empress Ki. He was also in My Secret Hotel where he won Yoo In Na's heart. As a surgeon specializing in organ transplants, Dr. Lee Joo Hyuk seems to be on a collision course with Dr. Kang In Gyu (Go Kyung Pyo) in surgery and romance.

4. Jun So Min - Go Ji In

The popular actress (One Percent of Something, Running Man) recently said her character in Cross has a very strong and passionate personality that is actually different from her own. Go Ji In is an organ transplant coordinator who is dedicated to the patients and the donors. She is also the daughter of Go Jung Hoon, the chief of the transplant center.

5. Jo Jae Hyun - Dr. Go Jung Hoon

Jo Jae Hyun has been a popular actor in films and dramas. Did you know he played the chief villain against Yoo Seung Ho in the movie Kim Seondal? As the renowned liver transplant doctor and the chief of the transplant center at Sunrim Hospital, Dr. Go Jung Hoon is the main counterpart to the independent-minded Dr. Kang In Gyu. The two doctors seem to butt heads frequently on issues of medical ethics, and the younger man apparently holds Dr. Go Jung Hoon responsible for a past grievance.

And, of course, we have Go Kyung Pyo playing the brilliant Dr. Kang In Gyu, who is focused on revenge against those whom he thinks are responsible for the tragic loss of his father and younger sister.

This intriguing medical drama will highlight the crossroads between justice, revenge, and ethics. Will there also be a romantic triangle or two among the young doctors? The myriad relationships among the different characters form an intricate puzzle.

Come join the thrilling ride and find out more.

Cross is off to a great start. Are you watching the show?

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