The Mnet Asian Music Awards is annual award show that honors artist from all over Asia and is also one of the biggest K-Pop festivals .This year the show will be held in Hong Kong on December 2nd and will be simultaneously broadcast in 4 continents. The MAMA's is one the best places to see spectacular K-Pop performances that include unexpected collaborations, awesome break dances, and incredible stage effects. Get pumped up for the upcoming performances by checking out some spectacular past performances.

1. This first performance is probably one of the most memorable. Each member of Big Bang gets on stage to perform their highly successful solos and end with a high energy performance from GD, then suddenly all the members join him for an electrifying performance of Fantastic Baby that has the whole audience singing along! 

2. In 2011 2NE1 had one of the most iconic K-Pop songs and delivered a great performance at MAMA. They start off slow with Lonely and then end with an awesome performance of their iconic song, I Am the Best.

3. A personal favorite, Miss A performed an astonishing and diverse performance of their song Goodbye Baby where each member showcased the groups versatile dancing skills!

4. 2013 was a big year for EXO and at MAMA they had an amazing performance that had everything form a moving stage to solo dances, to group dance breaks, and even cool lighting effects, all together with amazing song remixes.

5. Block B and BTS faced off in a "Boys in Battle" stage at MAMA 2014. The two groups come together to have a dance battle, Zico and Rap Monster join together for a rap stage, and then we get to see BTS perform their song Danger and Block B ends the magnificent stage with their song Her. Did I mention one of the BTS members performs shirtless?

Are you hyped and ready for the amazing performances at MAMA 2016? What are some of your favorite performances from past MAMA's?


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