Many viewers have fallen in love with the zany and fast-moving romantic comedy inspired by My Love From Another StarMy Amazing Boyfriend, which presents a new vibrancy with its own intriguing story. No wonder the romcom zoomed into our Top 10 K-dramas in its debut week. But did you know these surprising facts that may be even more amazing than My Amazing Boyfriend, itself?

1. The new drama won over 10 million views on the first day of its broadcast in China, and reached more than 40 million views within 2 days.

2. The director decided on first-time actor Kim Tae Hwan after seeing his MV. The Korean hottie is dubbed by the same voice actor who dubbed one of the hot royal guys in Imperial Doctress (Can you guess which one?). Learn more about the statuesque model-turned-actor HERE.

3. For whatever the reason, lead actress Wu Qian is also dubbed. It's actually a common practice for Chinese dramas to use voice actors for not just foreign actors but also other Chinese-speaking actors to keep a consistent accent. In a surprising coincidence, Wu Qian is being dubbed by the same voice actress who dubbed for Korean singer-actress Yoona in God of War: Zhao Zi Long.

4. Kim Tae Hwan is working hard at studying Chinese, and Wu Qian has become his Chinese teacher on the set.

5. Probably the most amazing fact is actually about the story's writer, Shui Qian-Mo (a nom de plume,) a young Chinese writer who has written more than a dozen other popular novels. She never graduated from high school. By the age of 21 in 2009, she had already published five books and was known as a naturally talented writer with a unique style.

Are you watching My Amazing Boyfriend yet? What do you like about it the most?

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My Amazing Boyfriend - 我的奇妙男友

Starring Kim Tae Hwan and Wu Qian

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