One of the coolest things about anime is the gadgetry on display. While sometimes a joke, these machines are often the difference between life and death for the characters. Here are the five anime items we would pay for, and five we wouldn’t be could dead with in real life.

1) Want—Scouter (Dragon Ball Z)

There are a lot of awesome things in this Akira Toriyama classic: little capsules that become houses, a mountable cloud that responds to voice commands, and a bamboo fighting stick that increases in size. The coolest thing, however, has to be the Scouter, a small machine that tells you exactly how strong your opponent is. Sure, tougher fighters can manipulate it to make you think they’re a lot weaker than they really are (in which case you’re dead), but nothing gives you better bragging rights than being able to tell your brother how his power level is only 5 while yours is over 9000.

2) Do Not Want—Hero Water (Naruto)

Literally the un-coolest name known to man for a power drink (except maybe Red Bull and Monster), Hero Water is designed to increase your magical abilities for a little while. The side effect, however, is huge—as in, “it decreases your life to the point that people have actually died from it” huge. While it’s sometimes important to have the ability to summon up that one extra magic “jutsu,” (which, for Naruto, is really just the illusion of one extra ninja) if this thing is literally making that your last jutsu, it’s probably not a good idea to ingest this death liquid.

3) Want—Digivice (Digimon)

The essential little gizmo to carry when traversing the Digiworld, a digivice can damage evil digimon (sometimes even making them good), and without it, your own creatures cannot evolve into anything more than a little bakery item that shoots out fireballs. So, in fact, this isn’t just a cool thing to have—it’s essential if you want to survive being turned into destroyed pixel dust.

4) Do Not Want—Pokédex (Pokémon)

There was a time when receiving this Professor Oak creation was a dream come true for any wannabe-Pokemaster. Unfortunately, as the ability to use smartphones became common, the Pokedex simply cannot compete with…wait for it…search-engines. Couple that with how most people have the information for at least the first 150 Pokémon memorized by heart, and the Pokedex is pretty useless. Ash should just get an iPhone with 3G coverage.

5) Want—Duel Disk (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

There’s something special about this really cool device based on an ancient Egyptian item: put a card on it, throw it to the ground, and watch as holographic projections of your favorite Duel Monsters appear out of thin air. Seeing as how it’s always the time to D-D-D-D-Duel, who knows when you may meet another challenger? Plus, this thing can ever generate the smells of the monsters, so you can get a healthy whiff of Kuriboh every morning.

6) Do Not Want—Shinigami Eyes (Death Note)

It’s creepy enough that anyone would want the ability to kill someone by writing their name inside a book, but even crazier than the Death Note itself are the eyes of a Shinigami—the creature that uses the Death Note and is willing to share his vision with the rest of the world. By having these eyes, potential killers can look at someone, see their name hovering above their head, and even see how long they have to live. First off, if you could tell someone’s name just by looking at them, would you ever bother talking to new people? Second, if this thing was telling birthdays, that would actually be cool because you can plan surprise parties, but why do you even need to know how long someone has to live?

7) Want—Medabot (Medabots)

A little robot that isn’t so large that he can crush your head when he gets mad at you, but large enough that he can still lift your backpack, do your chores, and protect you from other rabid cyber creatures; what more could you want? Medabots aren’t always loyal—seeing as how one malfunction could send them all in a vicious killing spree that decimates you and all the friends that were so proud of having their own metal errand boys—but we shouldn’t worry about that. The more important thing is that he looks cool.

8) Do Not Want—Meal Tickets (Fighting Foodons)

Little cards that have the ability to turn your food into fighting machines? As much as we all enjoy a good foodfight every now then, it’s just way too much trouble to create a proper Foodon. Not only would you have to come up with new and unbeatable recipes all time, these creatures are actually pretty irritating, constantly shouting phrases like, “Fried Ricer!” Besides, any henchmen that requires you to sit down and watch the cooking channel to make him stronger isn’t a henchmen worth having.

9) Want—Kaneda’s Bike (Akira)

And now for some transportation. Yes, there have been many replicas, and one was even recognized by the anime’s creator, but no one has quite been able to replicate the exact awesomeness of this cyberpunk classic. With the ability to go at unrealistic speeds, and the added benefit of not having to respect the rules of the road, this monster of locomotion is partly the reason Akira is considered one of the best animes of all time. Driving by in this thing would make you look like a red blur of speed and intensity, and crashing would also result in plenty of red ooze coming out of you—so wear a helmet.

10) Do Not Want—Vespa 180 SS (FLCL)

Ah, what a disaster of movement. Scooters are good for traveling when you’re in one of those idyllic cities in an old Victorian age novel, but not when you’re traversing the world trying to fight pirate kings and evil corporations. This thing goes faster than most vehicles, can drive in space, and responds to being called for, but it’s still not that fast, and I’m pretty sure space requires astronaut suits and things like that. Also, seeing as how it’s open from every side, it also makes the user very open to getting attacked from all sides. Besides, it makes its debut by nearly crushing our hero, so who wants this?

What are some of your favorite items from animes that you want in real life? Any you don’t? Be sure to sound off in the comments below and for all your entertainment needs, be sure to follow DramaFever and myself on Twitter.