When browsing for Korean fashion news, I sometimes come across beautiful photos of pregnant celebrities, and there’s something about pregnant women that makes them look graceful and composed.

On top of that, some of these celebrities I’m about to showcase are styled by big fashion names like Vogue and Elle, which makes these photos extra beautiful. Please take a look!

1. Son Tae Young

Actress Son Tae Young, who is married to actor Kwon Sang Woo, recently gave a birth to their second child, a baby daughter named Riho. Son Tae Young is popular for her tole in I Am Sam, and Kwon Sang Woo is known for his role in Stairway to Heaven. I love how Marie Claire Korea styled her photos, don’t you?

2. Jeong Seung Yeon

She’s not a celebrity, but married to one. Jeong Seung Yeon is the mother of the Song triplets, who are I swear the most popular triplets in Korea. Her husband, actor Song Il Kuk, and the triplets starred on the reality show The Return of Superman last year and received a lot of love from the fans. The show chronicles the celebrity fathers taking care of their children. The show was so popular that it was published into a how-to guidebook for young fathers last month.

Watch the most recent adorable antics on the latest episode of Return of Superman:

3. Byul

Byul is a well-known K-pop singer, mostly ballad, and married to Haha of Running Man. Byul and Haha were married in November 2012. They dated for 8 years before marriage, and Haha says he jokingly asked her to marry him multiple times while dating. 

4. Yano Shiho

Yano Shiho is a Japanese top model who stars in The Return of the Superman with her husband and MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and daughter Choo Sarang. In Japan she's known for not starring on TV; however, in Korea, she received a lot of attention and love from the fans and recently became the new face of the skincare brand SK-II and the designer brand Sisley.

5. So Yoo Jin

Actress So Yoo Jin of The Bean Chaff of My Life is happily married to a chef, who recently made a cameo appearance on Infinity Challenge.

Who are your favorite K-drama celebrity couples? Share your comments with us! I'd love to hear them.