Actress Oh Seung Hyun is following suit with other Korean actresses getting married this spring, including Hwang Jung Eum, who surprised us with her gorgeous wedding, as well as Kim Ha Neul, who delighted us with her wedding dress photos. We are in love with the abundance of flowers and hints of spring in Oh Seung Hyun's wedding photos. We are sure these five beautiful photos will make you feel like spring is in the air.

Oh Seung Hyun is getting married to her doctor boyfriend, who is a year younger than her, after three years of dating. Their wedding ceremony will take place in a Catholic church in Gyeonggi Province near Seoul, Korea, on March 23. The actress has shared on her Instagram that she is taking Catholic marriage preparation classes.

Oh Seung Hyun recently released her wedding photos in Wedding 21. According to multiple sources, the husband-to-be accompanied the beautiful actress as she got her photos taken. Scroll down to see her gorgeous wedding photos!

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