Park Shin Hye may be the most popular Korean actress in her 20s, but we’re more interested in her bubbly personality, which makes her a people magnet, and natural looks, which is surprisingly very easy to recreate!

Beauty expert Alicia Yoon of Peach & Lily shared pro tips to create Doctor Crush’s Park Shin Hye-inspired makeup looks for every skin tone and hair color. Peach & Lily is a leading K-beauty boutique with brick-and-mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles. Scroll down to reveal secrets to Park Shin Hye’s natural, gorgeous makeup looks in Doctor Crush!


Recipe for the perfect skin canvas depends on your skin type, lifestyle, and weather. For instance, let’s say your skin is oily, and you spend a lot of time in the sun in the summer. You’d want to apply lightweight moisturizer and mattifying foundation, and reapply sun screen every hour.

“Summer can be a confusing time for skincare because you're constantly sweating and the intense summer sun can also dehydrate the skin,” Alicia says.

Throughout the day, a lightweight mist cools down and hydrates the skin. Alicia recommends this mist toner by Lagom, celebrity makeup artist Kowonhye’s new skincare line.

At the end of the day, a refrigerated sheet mask quenches your skin. Many Korean road shops like The Face Shop and Missha carry lots of varieties. One of Alicia’s favorites is a May Coop Raw Sheet. “Your skin will just drink up the maple tree sap [in this sheet mask] when you're home from a long day out in the sun,” she says.

Experiment with skincare and makeup products you already have to find the system that works best for you.


Do you see how soft Park Shin Hye’s skin looks in the video?

Beat the summer heat with the perfect sun block. Alicia recommends “elusive, weightless SPF that isn't heavy, greasy or chalky,” something that “you actually want to wear it and keep reapplying, which is important for complete protection.” She says Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Creamis popular on Peach & Lily for its airiness.

Beat the summer humidity with a sponge. In the summer, applying foundation with warm fingers might dry it before it sets onto the skin. Simply grab a sponge, spread the foundation with it, and dab it onto the skin. A sponge will absorb leftover moisturizer and mattify the skin. Spray water onto the sponge before working with it if your skin is very dry. Makeup fixer spray also helps makeup last longer.


Your eyeshadows colors should complement the color of your eyes and skin.

“To highlight the color of your eyes, it's always a great idea to use complementary colors,” Alicia says. For instance, gray eyes would look good with baby pink or baby blue. Green eyes would look great with cherry or violet. If you have dark brown eyes that look near-black, “consider yourself lucky as your eyes can handle a wider range of shadows.”

When picking colors for eyeshadows or lips, first consider your skin tone, Alicia says. “For those who are very fair with pink undertones, a softer pink and beige work well. For more yellow or olive skin tone, soft brown and gold tones can wow. For those who are medium-dark can handle a really wide range of tones, like pink brown, red wine, and brown. Those with deep-brown skin tone, would do great with brown eyeshadow, and adding a hint of copper could spruce things up even more.”


“Brows are one of the most personalized parts of your makeup routine,” Alicia explains. “They should frame and fit your face well.” When it comes to color, “the golden rule is to make sure that the brows and hair aren’t too far off from each other in color and especially tone.”

Korean stars generally have straight and fuller brows that complement the star’s face. You might find inspiration from a star who has similar features (e.g. round face, blonde hair) to yours. Use their brows as a starting point, but don’t copy their brows, Alicia suggests.

So how do you draw personalized brows? Alicia’s pro tip: Follow your natural brow line and fill in where there are gaps. Brush the brows out to keep the look natural and the color well dispersed without any clumpy or concentrated areas.


Park Shin Hye’s Mamonde lip tint became a best seller shortly after appearing in Doctor Crush.

“Lip tints are so versatile!” Alicia exclaims. If you want to bring out the true lip tint color, wear it over foundation. To get Park Shin Hye’s lips, which don’t have an overly gradient look, “very lightly dab foundation or powder all over lips, apply tint, and go lip liner free to keep that fresh natural lipped smile.”

Since liquid-based tints may feel dry on the lips, Alicia recommends a lip balm over or under the tint, one like this glossy honey oil lip treatment by 24/7, which has pristine Yoochae honey from Jeju Island.

Play around with your favorite beauty items for a gorgeous, Park Shin Hye-inspired look! Which pro tip do you plan to incorporate into your beauty regime? Tell us in the comments below!

Photos: Courtesy of Aritaum


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