Descendants of the Sun's Song Hye Kyo amazes us with her natural beauty every time we see her. We had a chance to speak with Alicia Yoon, founder and CEO of Peach & Lily, about how to recreate Song Hye Kyo’s natural no-makeup look for every skin type. Scroll down to reveal five beauty tricks to achieve Song Hye Kyo's natural makeup look!


"To create a natural, no-makeup look, getting the perfect skin canvas is key," Alicia says. After hydrating the skin so that the skin glows from within, you need to use the right tone of foundation for your skin, blend the makeup very well, and go easy on contouring.

To achieve her look, pick a foundation color that matches your skin's undertone. "Using a makeup color canvas that matches the skin's underlying tones helps achieve the most natural look," Alicia says. For instance, see if your skin's undertone is more pink or peach, and select a foundation that matches your undertone. Secondly, blend foundation well up to the hairline. Lastly, go easy on contouring for natural no-makeup looks.

For Song Hye Kyo's impossibly dewy look, Alicia recommends Hera cushion compact, which is an incredibly long-lasting and radiance-enhancing cushion compact. "During my frequent business trips to Korea, I noticed that all the stewardesses looked radiant and flawless for the entire 14-hours on a drying flight. Their secret: literally, every single one I asked was using the Hera cushion compact," Alicia says.


Minimal eye makeup doesn't necessarily mean less eye makeup. "We still want well-defined eyes that look brighter, more alive and dramatic, even if it looks natural," Alicia says. She recommends tightly lining the shape of the eye with a very thin eyeliner and creating a slight shadow under the eyes. 

"Creating a slight shadow under the eyes can look natural," Alicia says. "It also adds dimension around the eyes while still looking bare-faced." She recommends Clio Kill brush eyeliner and Mizon Oh! Shy Volume Up Lovely Stick shadow to recreate Song Hye Kyo's minimal eye makeup.


Koreans are known for their full brows that make them look younger and their makeup more natural. For those with thin brows, a brow mascara usually does the trick. "Brush a brow mascara lightly along your own brows for a fuller but still natural look," Alicia suggests.


"Having a flushed-cheek look without looking like streaky blush is one of Song Hye Kyo's distinctive looks," Alicia says. She recommends a cushion blusher over other types, because a cushion blusher lasts long and gives you that dewy, not dry, look on the cheeks. Peripera cushion blusher looks so cute and comes in many colors.


Song Hye Kyo likes to wear a pop of color on her lips. To get that perfect pout without flaking and dehydration, prepping your lips is a must. Alicia suggests prepping your lips with Laneige lip sleeping mask and adding color to your lips with a hydrating Mizon lip gloss.

What do you think of these beauty tricks to achieve Song Hye Kyo's gorgeous, yet natural, look? Which product are you interested in trying? Let us know in the comments below! 


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