Summer is here. It is the best time for marathon the dramas to cool down and enjoy. Here is the recommendations for "summer-themed" dramas.


1. The Way We Were aka The 16th Summer (16个夏天)

Ruby Lin turned herself back to late 90s. From the very first summer to the 16th, 16 years of friendship made 4 young people grow up and understand love and responsibilities. If you are fan of The Notebook or PS I Love You, you definitely need to watch this drama. Prepare the tissues!

林心如与小鲜肉的感情纠缠,从初识到深爱到分开,4个年轻人一路成长的阵痛和快乐,学会了懂得,学会了爱。如果你喜欢“恋恋笔记本”或是“PS 我爱你”,那你一定不能错过“16个夏天”!准备好纸巾哦!

2. Mysterious Summer (不可思议的夏天)

If you are fan of Yuki, you would be interested in this drama. If you are also a fan of Tales of the Unusual, you don't want to miss this remake.


3. Summer Fever (恋夏38度)

Perfect drama to marathon for the weekend. It is sweet and romantic. Six young people spent a summer together after ten years since they knew each other. What a twisted relationship! Starring George Hu and Emma Wu.


4. Summer's Desire (泡沫之夏)

This drama kind of mixed RevengeBoys Over Flowers, and The Red and The Black. It is quite intense with the relationships and strong emotions between the leads. Starring he top Chinese stars, such as Huang XiaomingBarbie Hsu, and Peter Ho.


5. Summer Scent (夏日香气)

The classic of the classics. One of four season series you should not miss. Starring Son Ye‑jin and Song Seung Hun


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