The first two episodes of Tomorrow With You proved to me once again that time travel Kdrama romances are a very special kind of awesome. Since refreshing my computer screen won't make the future come faster for the next episodes, and since I don’t have a Tardis myself to take me back in time to find my Josean prince, here are five of my favorite time travel Kdramas that will leave you pining for a little time warp love story of your own.

1. Queen In Hyun’s Man

This show is new to DramaFever, but not so new to this kdrama addict’s time travel obsessed heart. The show has the added bonus of some very real chemistry between the leads, who were in the midst of a love story of their own at the time. If you’re still going through serious Goblin withdrawal, having Yoo In Na as the female lead might just help take the edge off.

2. Nine: Nine Time Travels

This Kdrama classic plays with the concepts of time travel in all its most twisty craziness. Part mystery, part awesome love story, part existential zen koan, however you look at it, you will never look at incense sticks the same. It is an oldie, but still so, so good.

3. Rooftop Prince

Flower boys showing off their abs in elevators. A true love stronger than the bonds of time. Dopplegangers everywhere. Time travel gets pretty zany and sweet in this show about a Josean era prince who travels to the present to uncover the truth behind a mysterious death. Okay, that description admittedly doesn’t sound zany, but I promise zaniness abounds (see picture below for evidence of said zaniness).

4. Faith

Lee Min Ho. With a sword. And bangs. And that very Lee Min Ho look he gives to the woman he loves. The time travel part is just a bonus.

5. Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I’ll admit, like Wang Wook I have some lingering uneasy feelings over parts of this show. But I would be remiss to ignore its rightful place in the Kdrama time travel romance pantheon. In this story of a modern day girl surviving in the Goryeo Dynasty with only her wits and a whole lot of handsome princes to help her, if tears could power a Tardis, we’d all be time traveling after watching this show.  (Pictured below is also how I looked pretty much through the entire show).

So there you have it, my favorite romantic time travel shows, proving there is always a time to swoon. Did I miss any of your favorites? 

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Tomorrow With You

Starring Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon

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