It’s Father’s Day weekend, and it’s the time when we publicly acknowledge all the wonderful things our dads have done for us. But admit it, there are times when maybe you’ve just wished your Dad could be more like… I don’t know…. Pororo! While we can all agree Pororo is great, here are five cartoon dads we would definitely not want to be our fathers!

1. Peter Griffin – Family Guy

Peter Griffin seems like an alright father in that he’s funny and has a big a heart, but boy oh boy, we would not want him as our dad. The way he treats his children, in particular his daughter Meg, is enough for us to run screaming towards the nearest child services building.

2. Shou Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist

A brilliant scientist who seemingly was a loving single father to his only daughter, Shou, Tucker is later revealed to have experimented on his missing wife to propel his scientific career. Later, when he his desperate to show further progress in his research, he conducts experiments again on a human being, this time on his own daughter!

3. Goku – Dragon Ball Z

What wouldn’t be cooler than having the world’s universe’s strongest dad? Goku has saved countless planets, universes and dimensions. However, when it comes to his family, he seems powerless to even make it home to dinner on time. And before you start with a "that sounds like my dad," Goku has the ability to instantly transmit himself from place to place in a second. There is no excuse. He can also fly and is incredibly strong. You’d think he’d be able to put at least one of those skills to use to provide for his family, let alone see them for an extended period. Jeez, even Superman had a day job.

4. Gendo Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

As the director of the special paramilitary force NERV, Gendo was tasked with the safety of humanity in its struggle for survival against “Angels” in a dystopian future world set in Tokyo-3. As convoluted and dense as the plot of Evangelion was, what was crystal clear to everyone was that Gendo was an absolutely terrible father to his son Shinji, the protagonist of the series. Often simultaneously manipulative, cold and distant, Gendo embodies all the qualities we would despise in a dad!

5. Bruce Wayne/Batman - Batman

Bruce Wayne, who is wealthy, worldly, and, as Batman, supremely intelligent, is often characterized as the world’s greatest detective. However as a dad, we’ll take our chances with the Joker. As a father figure to many a ward, Bruce Wayne has shown to be an utter bore with his obsessive desire to meet out justice and vengeance to criminals. From his wards, he demands only precision and perfection, and in return you’ll get barked out orders and commands. Pus he never smiles, even if you bring home A’s and just got into Harvard…ok, well maybe I’m projecting a bit...but smiling is important!

What cartoon characters would you hate to have as a dad? Who would you want to have? Comment below!

And watch Pororo HERE to see why Cha Chi Soo chose him to be his dad.