Romantic K-drama Thirty but Seventeen (aka Still 17) is off to a fantastic start. It is already winning high ratings and favorable comments from DramaFever viewers. Of course, when it comes to the adorable leading man Yang Se Jong, what else can you expect? Actually, there are at least 5 charming surprises that will give you a smile.

1. Yang Se Jong held his very first fan meet in Taiwan earlier this year. To prepare for his "First Love" event, he learned a few key phrases in Mandarin.

The number-one phrase he said he had to learn was, "I don't have a girlfriend."

You can watch and hear him say it - it's the very first line of this clip. He followed up with "You are very pretty." and "Have you eaten yet?"

2. He can sing!

He admitted that singing was difficult to him, and he practiced 4 hours a day to prepare singing a whopping 5 songs in front of the fans.

Short clip: (fan-made video)

Long clip: (fan-made video)

3. He defends his parents!

He said the report that his parents were against his going into acting was false. There were some relatives who were against it, but his parents were totally supportive. He also refuted the news that said he was a taekwondo athelete by saying he only participated in a demonstration in a gym near his home. He appeared very adamant in wanting to dispel the rumors.

4. He is easygoing!

Yang Se Jong is very easygoing and dresses casually at home. According to him, looking handsome and well dressed is all made up with help for the occasion. He often doesn't even shave to avoid being recognized. (No wonder he gets into the caveman look so easily in Thirty But Seventeen.)

But even the caveman look doesn't hide his natural charisma.

(Photo from Thirty But Seventeen)

5. He calls his fans "my girlfriends" - Would you like to be one of them?

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Don't you find Yang Se Jong adorable? Take a look at his new photo shoot while you wait for the next Thirty But Seventeen episodes.

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