While the wildly popular movie "Crazy Rich Asians" has presented an over-the-top look of extremely wealthy Asians who actually do not represent all Asians, we are inspired to list a few stellar examples of handsome Asian leading men who are crazy rich, and also single!

1. Yang Yang

The adorable Chinese actor is so popular that his annual birthday celebration has been broadcast live on Chinese TV with millions in the audience. One of his famous roles is an IT entrepreneur in the campus romantic drama Love O2O, while his own wealth is estimated to be US$35 million by the 2017 Forbes list of top Chinese celebrities.

The following is a clip of Yang Yang singing the theme song from Love O2O at his birthday show in 2017. He is currently starring in the new drama Martial Universe as a "rags-to-riches" young man who goes through many obstacles to become a top martial arts hero.


Martial Universe - 武动乾坤

Starring Yang Yang and Zhang Tian'ai

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2. Choi Si Won

The highly popularly Korean singer from the Kpop Super Junior group has a dual career in acting. He was reported to have over US$36 million in wealth, but the actual number could be even much higher as he is a real-life heir to a wealthy family that is estimated to be worth US$500 million. He had to convince his parents to pursue his passion, which is not traditional for someone of his background. Interestingly, he recently played an immature heir to a conglomerate in Revolutionary Love. It took true love for his character to transform for the better.

Just look at that million-dollar dimpled smile, and you've gotta swoon! And, yes, he is single!


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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3. Feng Shao Feng

Many DramaFever fans met him first as the handsome warrior prince from Prince of Lan Ling. In real life, he is listed with an almost "paltry" sum of US$5 million in personal wealth by Forbes. Perhaps not all of his business interests are included, because he is not only a prolific actor but also the producer of the popular series Ice Fantasy Although he is officially single, recent tabloid news connects him with Zhao Li Ying, the star of Princess Agents, who is estimated to be worth over US$27 million. Together, they would become one of the most influential power couples in China.

Fans, do you want him to get hitched?


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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4. Lu Han

The popular Chinese singer-actor originally rose to fame as a member of the South Korean K-pop group EXO. His wealth is estimated to be over US$30 million by Forbes in 2017. Another way to gauge his fortune is by his social-media influence, with over 50 million of Weibo followers and 11 million for his Instagram. No wonder he is sought after for global brand endorsements

Although officially unmarried, he is currently dating his Sweet Combat co-star Guan Xiao Tong. He actually took a risk in hurting his fandom in acknowledging his real-life dating relationship. Most of his fans appear to have accepted the current status after the stunning news, and his following has grown even more.

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Sweet Combat - 甜蜜暴击

Starring Lu Han and Guan Xiao Tong

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5. So Ji Sub

There have been occasional dating rumors about the 40-year-old hottie, but officially he is still single and has never married.

The model-turned-actor has a particularly cool charisma that radiates from the screen whether he is in a romantic comedy or a suspenseful thriller. Aside from his success in singing and acting, he is also a businessman with ownership in the A Twosome Place coffeehouse chain as well as importing foreign movies into South Korea.

He will next appear in the highly anticipated thriller drama Terius Behind Me as a secret agent.

Terius Behind Me is slated to premier on September 26 at DramaFever.

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Terius Behind Me

Starring So Ji Sub and Jung In Sun

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What is surprising about these handsome and rich Asian leading men is that they have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are, regardless of their family backgrounds. They are also strong contributors to charitable causes. No wonder they are also "crazy adorable!"

Who else should be added to this list?

BTW, Happy Birthday to Yang Yang, who turns 27 on September 9.

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