Tired of watching Kdramas alone? Feeling lonesome with no one there on the couch beside you? Need someone to discuss the intricacies of The Master's Sun with? Well, all your dreams of converting your friends to the wonderful world of Kdramas are about to come true with these five easy steps.

1. Brainwash Them With Music

Kdrama theme songs tend to be incredibly catchy and are an easy way to get people to start thinking about Kdramas subconsciously. I'm pretty sure most Kpop songs have subliminal messages that persuade you to love all-things-Hallyu. Not only should you play them while getting ready and while cleaning the house, but if you're really brave and your friend is a deep sleeper, try slipping some head phones that are softly playing theme songs onto their ears at night. Before they know it, they'll wonder why they know all the words to your Korean music and will have an insatiable desire to watch the shows they come from.

2. Host a "Korean Culture" Night

Another great way to subtly expose your friends to Korean culture is to host a party and lure them in with the promise of delicious Korean BBQ. This works particularly well with male friends, as we all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While you have everyone's attention, tell them that the after dinner activity is to watch a Korean film. What they don't know is that it's not actually a film; what it actually is is a 16-hour long Kdrama that they'll have to come back to later to find out the ending of. Mwahaha!

3. Relate Everything to Kdramas

For your friends who need a lot of advice in their lives, I recommend relating everything back to a Kdrama character or plot. Have a friend who is unsure of how to get close to a man she is interested in? Just tell her, "Well one surefire way is to pretend to be a boy, like in this one Kdrama I saw, Coffee Prince. It can be tricky and usually involves a lot emotional trauma, but it works every time!" Maybe she'll find that advice absurd, but you better believe you'll have piqued her interest in seeing what happens on the show!

4. Trick them into thinking you're going to watch their favorite movie

Does your friend love the American movie Secret Garden? Tell them you are having a Secret Garden show night at your house, but watch the Kdrama Secret Garden instead! Once they're in your living room, they can't change their mind. Perhaps to get your more action-oriented friends exposed, tell them you're having a Lie To Me marathon. They'll be expecting the American show, and will have no idea what's coming until it's too late!

5. If all else fails, guilt them.

According to Kdramas, more than one Korean woman has successfully gotten her way by looking up at her boyfriend with a pouty face. I think it could work here as well. I've certainly convinced more than a few friends and family members to, "Just give it a try. Do it for me! Just Once!" If they say no, you can always come back with the line, "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." I know that when my mom pulls that line, it works on me every time. I see no reason why it couldn't work in this scenario as well.

If these steps don't work, don't give up! If necessary, put up pics of hot Korean actors on your wall or computer screen. With a little persistence you can deal out Kdrama in small doses until your friends are addicted before they know it. And we all know what comes after a Kdrama addiction: KPOP!