Marry Me or Not? has fast become one of the best romance comedy dramas from Taiwan. Roy Chiu not only returns to DramaFever fans after almost 3 years, but he also reunites with his leading lady Alice Ke from the very popular Office Girls. Check out these 5 fun reasons to watch Marry Me or Not? and see if you like them or not!

1. Sparks fly the moment they meet. How will Roy and Alice fall irresistibly in love?

Roy Chiu and Alice Ke have both said that their real personalities are far different from that of their characters, Justin and Vivienne, and they sometimes wear out physically from the filming. Who would have known that romance comedy can be so challenging and exhausting for actors? 

2. Besties turn into Frenemies: Alice Ke and Joanne Tseng really fight it out!

If you think there is smoldering fire between Roy and Alice, then you'd be even more amazed by the explosive blaze between on-screen frenemies Alice and Joanne. Their characters practically shoot poisonous darts from their eyes towards each other. 

The two former best friends parted their friendship over a college crush and have since competed over clothes, career, and even boyfriends. They are willing to do almost anything to sabotage the other's success. (Yes, it does make these two beautiful ladies somewhat unlikable early on, but it's so fun to watch them duel and see what happens when they don't get their way.)

And who's that man responsible for parting the great sea of friendship?

3. Harry Zhang:

I first laid eyes on Harry (aka Harry Chang) when he was still in a supporting role. Life is great when someone you've been noticing suddenly blossoms in front of you, even if he appears to be a villainous playboy. There is likely a misunderstanding to resolve. By the way, Harry grew up in San Francisco and has a quarter Korean heritage, thus making him a Korean-Chinese-Taiwanese-American singer-actor, I think. Doesn't he remind you of Lee Joon Ki?

4. Fantastic cameo surprises, such as Chen Bolin, with more stars to come:

(Hint: Chen Bolin appears in episode 2 and he's as CUTE as ever!!!)

He plays a man who is contemplating divorce and meets Roy Chiu for some not-necessarily-encouraging legal advice. Seriously, I don't know who would divorce Chen Bolin! All I care about, of course, is that I could lay my eyes once more on the perfect man from In Time with You.

So what was Roy's advice to Bolin?

5. Great dialogues throughout the show: Thank you, Script Goddess!

Roy Chiu plays a divorce lawyer who is very cynical about love and truly believes no woman can be trusted to marry. When he laid out his 3 rules about men-women relationships, you just know that there is a Script Goddess behind the excellent writing for this fun drama.

5. Location shooting in Busan, South Korea, to satisfy our inner traveler urges:

Marry Me or Not? became the first Taiwanese drama to film in Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea. Busan opened its doors to the drama to stimulate tourism interest from international visitors. It is even planning special romantic and wedding packages for tourists.There'll be plenty of the great locations to see when we journey with Alice and Roy. Read more about it HERE.

Ultimately, the biggest reason to watch Marry Me or Not? is that it's different from other Taiwanese romcoms that I've seen. Right from the start, it captivates you with hilarious hijinks between the characters, and it never let's go of its grip. You have to at least watch the first 2 episodes because I've never seen a scene where 4 ex-boyfriends show up at a wedding to voice their objections to a happy union. And that's just the beginning of the non-stop excitement!

~ NancyZdramaland

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