The Twenty Again cast put on their after five finest and made an appearance at their upcoming drama's press conference. They were greeted by members of the press in Seoul's Times Square Amoris Hall to promote the fun series all about a mom enrolling in college with her son and his girlfriend. 

Let's see which stars showed up and made a fabulous entrance.

1. Choi Ji Woo

The elegant Choi decided to stand out in a trendy boyish suit that resembles a cross between 1940s and 1980s style. Her gray and black fall suit is definitely unforgettable!

2. Lee Sang Yoon

Everyone's forever K-drama crush wore a simple dark wool suit. I'm not sure if the the material is 100% wool, but it certainly looks warm. His super skinny caramel, white, and black tie is a great focal point here. 

3. Choi Won Young

Who doesn't love a classic navy blue suit with a sporty tennis shoe twist? Choi made his suit more youthful and appropriate for summer with his white sneakers and eye-catching green socks. 

4. Kim Min Jae

It seems Kim performed a cute dance during the conference. He accented his black and white ensemble with a fun star on his shirt, and the striking design even covered his heart. Does that mean he has the true heart of a star?

5. Son Na Eun

Of course A Pink's Na Eun would perform an incredible K-Pop dance at the event. She is a beloved idol, after all. Her chic black keyhole mini dress stood out because of her unique white cuffs and collar.

Which star's outfit is your favorite? Also, are you excited for Twenty Again's premiere on Friday? 

Check out the latest trailers for the series below, featuring Son Na Eun and Kim Min Jae!

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