There is an old Chinese saying that says, "A human lights the candle and the ghosts blow it out." Candle in the Tomb, the new Chinese action-adventure drama is actually based on the novel Ghost Blows Out the Light. This tomb-raiding story is now available on DramaFever, so here are 5 facts you need to know before you start to watch it! 

1. The novel is a No.1 best seller in China

This fantasy novel was written by Zhang Muye about two grave robbers seeking hidden treasure, and first published online in March 2006. It quickly became the bestselling online novel in China with an estimated readership of six million. The story mixed in a lot of the traditional Chinese art of Feng Shui from an antique book and specialized knowledge of tomb configuration. Candle in the Tomb is actually only the first chapter of the seven-chapter series. The other dramas will follow up in 2017 and 2018. 

2. Two movies are adapted from this novel

The first movie is called Mojin: The Lost Legend, starring Chen Kun, Shu Qi, and Angelababy. The second one is called Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, starring Mark Zhao and Yao Chen as leads, and Tang Yan and Jerry Lee in supporting roles. The box office of those two movies actually reached 400 million RMB around the world. 

3. The production of this drama cost over 12 million USD. Each episode almost cost 1 million USD. 

As the top tier production firm, Daylight Entertainment has produced a lot of popular C-dramas, such as Ode to Joy and When A Snail Falls in Love. The team shot the scenes in Beijing, Dunhuang, Xinjiang, and Tibet, and even established 4 different film studios only for this drama. From the stills, you can see the different adventures they took in the desert, in caves, and in the snow-capped mountains.

4. The directors like to be in the drama

Candle in the Tomb is from the same director of Nirvana in Fire, Kong Sheng, who actually appears in this drama.

Another executive director is Wang Yong Quan, who also plays An Li Man in the later episodes.

5. Top-tier Chinese stars take you on an adventure to historical Chinese sites you have never been to.

Jin Dong from Nirvana in Fire and Joe Chen from Stay with Me play Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang, whose subtle romantic chemistry is well developed during the journey. The drama is a brand new type of acting experience for these two seasoned actors. In the press conference for the drama premier, Jing Dong and Joe Chen confessed the challenges they faced during the shooting and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to work with each other. Jing Dong actually got injured and was sent to the hospital when riding a camel in the desert.

It is indeed a brand new type of drama. If you are fan of Indiana Jones or interested in the mummy-type of monster movies, you should not miss this one.

Someone hold me, this looks intense!

Posted by DramaFever on Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Candle in the Tomb - 鬼吹灯之精绝古城

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Jin Dong

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