It's Christmas Eve and time to be jolly, but if you just aren't feeling it yet, here are 12 festive holiday photos of Oh My Venus stars So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah to get you in the Christmas spirit!

1. Aww, who can stay a grinch when they see Santa So Ji Sub? No one, I say! 


2. And So Ji Su as Rudolph? Adorable! 

3. I dare you to stay in a bad mood after seeing So Ji Sub in a Christmas tree hat! Impossible! 

4. And So Ji Sub as a Christmas Santa cowboy? Odd, but so cute!

5. Doesn't he look like he's inviting you for a cuddle? Yes, So Ji Sub, I will cuddle by the Christmas fire with you!

6. Possibly one of the most endearing things about So Ji Sub in Christmas attire is that his demeanor is usually more on the melancholic side. If even So Ji Sub loves Christmas, then you have no excuse! 

BONUS: A video Christmas greeting from So Ji Sub circa 2012

Now for Shin Min Ah's turn!

7. Santa Shin Min Ah, Cha Tae Hyun, and Rain all in one photo! It's impossible to not feel jolly! 

8. I bet all the fellows would love to have sexy Santa Shin Min Ah deliver them presents!

9. Oh my goodness! That dimple! That dog! This photo is just too much Christmas cuteness!

10. Doesn't Shin Min Ah look so cozy and sweet? I bet spending Christmas morning with her would be so fun! 

11. She looks so lovely and irresistible as Santa with Jang Dong Gun

12. Thanks for the gift of wonderful K-dramas, Shin Min Ah! 

There, are you feeling more ready for Christmas? Which photo was your favorite? Comment below!

And watch the beautiful couple's fun new drama Oh My Venus this holiday break!