While watching all of your favorite Korean Dramas, I'm sure you have wished for the ability to watch them without reading subtitles. Well, here are a few free resources you can use to help you learn!

1. Learn the basics of Hangul HERE.

You can learn about both the history of Hangul and how to pronounce each symbol!

2. After you learn the basics of Hangul, you can practice more HERE.

Click on each picture and listen to how each word sounds. Repeat after the recording to help you with your pronunciation.

3. Now you can learn Korean phrases HERE.

Here you can learn both basic Korean phrases and some other more advanced phrases!

4. For a free PDF of a Basic Korean textbook click HERE.

You can save and print out this textbook to help you learn more about Korean grammar!

See the last great swordsman defend his people and transform a nation in The Joseon Gunman

5. Once you have mastered enough of the Korean language, try your hand at this fun word game HERE.

If you are still having trouble reading Hangul, you can use "Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes" to help!

Bonus: And let's not forget our favorite way to learn Korean, watching Korean shows!

One great resource for beginner Korean learners are children's shows like Pororo. Here's a video using Pororo to teach basic Korean:

Now you have a few more things to help you learn Korean. Don't be discouraged because it looks scary to learn a new language, because just like wonderful Lee Min Jung in Sly and Single Again, your heads are for more than just being pretty! Have fun with these sites and maybe one day soon you won't need subtitles any more!