It is said that Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita, with one machine to every 23 people. You can buy just about anything in a vending machine there, from drinks, snacks, and instant noodles to neckties, eggs, sneakers, bras, cars, and even live lobsters. And now, finally -- drum roll, please -- there is an underwear line for your drink bottles by novelty goods maker Kitan Club.

Here are 5 good reasons for you to jump on this bandwagon and make your exposed bottles a wee bit more modest. ;)

1)  They're inexpensive. The ボトルのおぱんつ (Botoru no O Pantsu / Panties for Bottles) line is priced to sell. Find a vending machine with them in stock, put in your 200 yen ($1.61 USD), and out they pop in the cute little capsules that gachapon machines are known for.

2)  They're functional. That's right, folks. They're not just for show. 

Panties for Bottles are made of absorbent cloth that helps soak up condensation that forms on your cold drinks in the hot summertime. We've all experienced that annoying cold bottle "sweat" that pools and leaves ring marks on surfaces and has people reaching for napkins, coasters, anything to rest their drinks on, right?

3)  It doesn't matter what your drink bottle is made of, or if it's rounded or squared. Plastic, glass, metal, whatever --- as long as it's the standard 500 mililiters (16 ounces) in size, Panties for Bottles should fit snugly and comfortably. Which gives me incentive to also try them on the drinks you get at a fast food drive-through and even glassware at home, for the heck of it. 

Why not?

4)   You have a variety of patterns to choose from. There's classic white, cutesy polka dot, sexy leopard print, blue racing stripe, strawberry delight, r-r-r-r-ruffles, and what looks to be a mystery pair (it's a secret, shhhh).

It's obvious that male consumers are being targeted for this novelty item. But, a few articles I've read are giving off the vibe that they're for anyone, really. When it comes to my drinking bottles, these visually appeal to my feminine sensibilities a heck of a lot more than, say, a pair of teeny tighty whities. Boxers, I might could work with, though. (Too much information? Sorry about that. LOL)

5)  They make great conversation starters. Imagine having a gathering of any kind and the looks on your guests' faces as, instead of reaching for the usual coaster, they get to pick a pair of panties that most appeals to them for their drink. What a way to lighten the mood! Who would forget that? No boring coaster or napkin has ever broken the ice, I dare say. 

Your place would be THE place to be in your town, especially if you're a guy.

A recent novelty distributed before Panties for Bottles by Kitan Club was this ridiculously cute series of hamsters that sit on the edge of your glass or mug. Aw! What an adorable variety they have, too. No way could I have picked just one.

It's a good thing I don't live in Japan. I'm pretty sure I'd be hooked on this stuff by now and having way too much fun with it.

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