Some celebrities shy away from going under the knife. When it comes to embracing their natural beauty, the stars on this list are advocates, claiming that they have never had surgery. 

1. Lee Min Ho

Lee assures fans that he has never gone under the knife. "I don't worry about suspicions of plastic surgery because I have proof in graduation photos....My face is the type that gets swollen easily," he said during last month's Gangnam Blues press conference.

2. Miss A's Suzy 

The Dream High actress didn't have any of her features altered. Her teeth are the only part of her body that was changed. "“I got my teeth laminated," she admitted on an episode of KBS' Invincible Youth 2.

3. Han Ye Seul 

The Birth of a Beauty actress is confident with her looks. "I am already confident. No one can be satisfied with their appearance. People tell me I look feminine, but I wish I had the looks of an androgynous charismatic woman, " the star said in a recent interview when asked if she would need plastic surgery to gain confidence.

See Han Ye Seul demonstrate the importance of loving yourself in the series Birth of a Beauty:

4. Park Shin Hye

The Pinocchio actress has explained in numerous interviews that she never had any plastic surgery. People in the business have tried to persuade her to get a nose job, but she promptly rejected.  

5. Isak (Ida Simmons)

The Arirang radio DJ said her former agency, SM Entertainment, suggested she consider a nose job, but her fear of surgery kept her from going under the knife. The former Isak N Jiyeon singer has told the story countless times on her daily K-Poppin' show. Her ethnicity is Korean and Caucasian. 

Are there any other striking celebrities you would add to this list? 

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Image Source: Isak's Official Facebook Page