Although Nicky Wu plays a royal prince in Scarlet Heart, the famous leading man and pop singer was not born with a silver spoon. On the contrary, his own dramatic life tells an amazing rags-to-riches story. He even gave up his life's passion to go into acting. Here are 5 interesting facts you probably never knew about Nicky Wu. 

1. Nicky was once a school champion in Judo and Tae Kwon Do. 

He eventually gave up the opportunity to represent Taiwan at international competitions. The reasons were mixed. He had suffered injuries and he also had to shoulder a mountain of debt incurred by his father's failed business.

2. He found early fame when he joined boy band Xiao Hu Dui (Little Tiger Team) in 1988, along with Julian Chen and Alec Su. 

He was known as Thunderbolt Tiger for his backward somersault. The trio became Taiwan's first idol group and was popular in Chinese-speaking regions in Asia. Eventually the group disbanded when Alec Su went to college and Julian Chen was called to military service. Nicky went solo and expanded his acting career.

Here is rare footage of the trio performing at a 1993 reunion:

In particular, watch Nicky from time code 9:47 as he sings "Chase After The Dreams." The lyrics seem to hark directly to Nicky's heart and his life:

 "Light up your dreams with passion. Strong fires of youth burn in the wind. Engrave your name on the stars. I can look up every dark night to warm my heart. I will choose my way. I won't be afraid of wind or rain. With your encouragement, I won't hesitate. I have to say sorry. Hope you'd understand. Once I have caught my dreams, I shall return."

3. Because of the huge debt that Nicky was trying to pay off for his father, he accepted work in large quantities. 

He worked so hard that reportedly he once worked 7 days and 7 nights straight without any sleep. He would do action scenes before he fully recovered from previous injuries. He was also known for not using stuntmen in fighting scenes.

4. It took him 12 years of hard and continuous work to pay off the family debt. 

Nicky, however, did not complain. He said, "It's a blessing to be able to afford to pay." He regarded his family's happiness as most important in life. In a 2011 interview, he admitted that he wished he could have followed his dream in sports, but he accepted his entertainment career, which he had grown familiar with and which enabled him to help support his extended family.

(Old family photo showing Nicky as a cute youngster.)

5. Nicky Wu is now one of the richest celebrities in China.

Forbes ranked him as #33 on its 2015 China Celebrity List. No wonder he could afford his fabulous wedding in Bali, and he also paid all expenses for the wedding guests.

In 2011, Nicky Wu accepted the role of Prince #4 in Scarlet Heart. He did not know that the historical romance drama would lead to a new summit in his acting career and that he would meet the love of his life, actress Cecilia Liu (Liu Shishi).

Aren't you impressed by Nicky Wu's amazing life and self-made success? It's an inspiring story of persistence and perseverance, and centered on his love for his family.

~ NancyZdramaland

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