Heirs is moving into its final few episodes, and that means that fans are about to get some major withdrawals. But what if the show had a spin-off series to highlight some of our favorite side characters for just a little bit longer? Just like Angel built off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here are the synopsis of a few Heirs spin-offs that we would love to watch.

1. Mothers vs. Murderers


Is there a word for a bromance between women? Urban dictionary says "womance," so I'm gonna run with it. Well, the womance between Tan's mom and Eun Sang's mom has been one of the funniest parts about Heirs so far, and a show featuring these two together would be absolute hilarity. I'm envisioning a procedural where the two go into business together and solve a different case each week. They could help people find love like in Dating Agency:Cyrano, or they could open a private detective agency to solve neighborhood crimes. Tan's mom would supply the cash and get them into terrible scrapes, and Eun Sang's mom would bring the street smarts, like recommending disposable phones and blowing dust on the fingerprints on the safe. Can't you just imagine Tan's mom prancing around in a trench coat with a magnifying glass? Because I can.

2. Cha Young and Bo Na: the College Years

We love them together, but what happens when they go to college? Can the high school romance last? Think of this kind of like Saved by the Bell: the College Years. Chan Young and Bo Na can be the new Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski--a will-they-won't-they couple who eventually ends up in a wedding once they're legally old enough for such things.

3. Heart at Sea

Several years after the ending of Heirs, Young Do has made a power play against his father to start a successful chain of hotels. Although his professional life is moving forward, his personal life is another matter. No one has been able to replace Eun Sang in his heart, and the series begins with a montage of Young Do rudely turning down women on blind dates. One day, as he's visiting the kitchen of one of his hotels (a throwback to his high school days of work), a rude young woman comes in and, mistaking him for kitchen staff, berates him over the quality of her food. Later, he and this young woman (the owner of her own company) end up on the same flight to NYC and have another altercation. In a twist of fate, their plane crashes in the ocean and they have to work together to survive! Can these two look beyond their mutually prickly exteriors to heal their broken hearts and find true love? (Spoiler: Yes, yes they can. And they will kiss a lot in the process.)

4. Myung Soo's Dance-off!

Park Hyung Sik hosts a wacky reality show in which contestants compete for a spot in a new boy or girl band. I'm envisioning crazy dance challenges like an amped-up version of musical chairs while Park Hyung Sik (in character as Myung Soo) acts as the DJ. In another challenge, dancers must team up to choreograph a dance number featuring their favorite song from the Heirs OST.

5. Tears of Desire

We need a solid melo on this list, so what about having a prequel featuring Esther Lee and Yoon Jae Hoo's star-crossed romance? Young versions of these characters fall madly in love, but the pressures of family and status slowly build walls between them. In the last episode, we flash forward to present-day Esther and Jae Hoo as they kiss passionately, demonstrating that their love never really died. Pull out your hankies, folks--this thing will be a major cryfest!

Okay, so I was mostly joking when I started this list, but I would legitimately watch these shows if any Korean TV execs want to make it happen (hint, hint). What other spin-offs would you like to see? Comment below!

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