The hottest Korean drama trends of 2014 brought us everything from noona romances like Secret Love Affair to divorce dramas like Emergency Couple to crime action thrillers like You're All Surrounded. This year Korean dramas are doing things a little differently, so here are 5 hot Korean drama trends of 2015!

1. Personality Disorders


Kill Me, Heal Me went head to head with Hyde, Jekyll and I, but did Ji Sung's seven different personalities manage to beat Hyun Bin's two different ones? And which personality did you love the most?

2. Out-of-wedlock Pregnancy


Heard It Through The Grapevine and Fool's Love both took on the issue of pregnancy outside of wedlock, but as far as Korean dramas go, they couldn't have been any more different! The former is dark and dangerous, produced by the same team as Secret Love Affair, and the latter is heartwarming and happy. So, take your pick! It's totally okay to take two, too.

3. High School Bullying


Both Angry Mom and School 2015 address what it's like to grow up in South Korea, where high school can be more like a concrete jungle than a playground, and the weak struggle to survive. Of course, with cute classmates like Baro, Ji Soo and Nam Ji Hyuk, dropping out isn't exactly an option. Thankfully, according to Drama Land, they'll also sit next to you — and, more importantly, be on your side.

4. Exes


Song Ji Hyo is taking on another ex in Ex-Girlfriend Club. Superdaddy Yeol, originally a popular Korean webtoon like Misaeng, is also about trying to get back with an ex — whether you want to or not! As you'll find out in the latter, sometimes an ex is the only option.

5. Vampires


It started with Blood earlier this year and continues with Orange Marmalade, starring Yeo Jin Goo, and Scholar Who Walks the Night, starring Lee Joon Ki, which are both about vampires. Which drama will take over its time slot (and your time) once it airs?

See Kim So Hyun, BtoB's Yook Sung Jae, and Nam Joo Hyuk in the latest installment in the popular School series, School 2015:

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