When negative feelings get the better of you, it isn’t always easy to just shake them off. 

Here are five ideas to pamper yourself externally and internally to give you strength and restore some much-needed peace of mind!

1. Comfort Foods

A healthy diet is so important to make us feel good. But feeding yourself comfort foods once in awhile is equally important for your sanity. Host a dinner for friends and family with our easy-to-follow recipes for Gochujang Hot Wings, Bulgogi Hamburgers, or Spicy Grilled Pork Belly!

2. Sheet masks

Sheet masks are the most affordable version of a beauty spa because they instantly make your skin glow. Watch the video above on how to use sheet masks. For further instructions, here’s Sheet Mask 101 from stylist and digital Influencer Chriselle Lim.

For K-beauty fans, did you hear Innisfree is launching a brick-and-mortar in New York this fall?

Lastly, investing in your style, in addition to beauty, can instantly lift up your mood as well. Check out our Stylecast videos for style makeover inspirations.

3. Travel

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. You can travel to South Korea by volunteering. South Korea is also the perfect romantic getaway. We couldn’t expect any less from a country that produces awesome romantic comedies, right?

4. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill, more specifically, a new language tremendously benefits the cognitive process of your brain. On DramaFever, you can learn a new language watching international TV shows. If you’re interested in learning Korean, you can pick up a word or two from 101 Korean pop culture words list. These are some of the best apps and websites to learn to speak Korean.

5. Feel-good TV shows

Decompress from work, school, or whatever stresses you and turn on that feel-good TV show on your watchlist. If your watchlist is empty, browse through our guides on feel-good romantic comedies, medical dramas, short series, and more for recommendations.

How do you pamper yourself externally and internally? Please share with us know below!


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