Singer Kim Jonghyun's debut album Base ranked number one on Billboard's World Albums chart last month! He was the first from his band SHINee to top the chart with a solo album, and the first K-pop recording artist to top the chart this year. 

In honor of this huge feat, I want to share with you five moments during the course of his musical career that gave us clues he would be a Billboard chart topper one day. 

1. He nailed the theme song "She" for Birth of A Beauty! I continued to watch the K-drama because I recognized his beautiful voice. I'm convinced he should have starred in the series too. 

2. When Jjong started singing the first verse of SHINee's hit debut single "Replay", ShaWols were hooked! It was impossible not to fall in love with his voice at first listen.

3. He teased viewers with his music! SHINee's lead singer told everyone about his lifelong dream of composing his own songs during SHINee's 2013 TV Special One Fine Day. I was dying to know what his songs were about and hear more of them.

4.  His ability to hold a note with such power and strength is beyond impressive. I was blown away many times. His performance in "Juliette" showcases his superior vocal skills.

5. The 24-year-old star sang a series of his creative self-composed songs during his tenure as a DJ on MBC Radio's Blue Night. He won over radio listeners with his work before he even debuted as a solo artist.

Are there any additional Jonghyun moments you would add to the list? 

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