New movie So I Married an Anti-fan has delivered a welcoming romantic comedy that is sure to keep our spirits high for the holiday season. Here are a few interesting facts that are fun to learn about the hilarious movie that stars EXO's ChanyeolYuan Shan Shan, Jiang Chao, and SNSD's Seohyun.

1. The movie is a Chinese-Korean collaboration, and the story is based on a Korean webtoon, So I Married An Anti-fan (그래서 나는 안티 팬과 결혼했다) by Jiwan.


To portray the star who falls in love with the reporter who becomes an anti-fan, Chanyeol reportedly studied the original comics for his preparation. 

2. Chanyeol speaks Chinese! 

Unlike many Chinese dramas and movies where the actors are dubbed by voice actors, Chanyeol speaks for himself in this movie. It's so endearing to hear his Chinese with a cute Korean accent, and it fits his character as a Korean star. 

To perfect his role, Chanyeol strolled around Shanghai to experience the bustling urban Chinese life firsthand, and he got lots of help from co-stars Yuan Shanshan and Jiang Chao.

3. Yuan Shanshan rises from Palace maid to leading lady.

The 29-year-old singer-actress was a palace maid in the popular 2011 time-travel drama Palace, which starred her good friend Yang Mi. Yuang Shanshan's performance was so well received that she became the leading star in the sequel Palace II, and she won several Best Actress awards for her role.

4. SNSD's Seohyun (Seo Joo Hyun) appears in her first film role.

Seohyun's beautiful character, Princess Woo Hee, was both courageous and heart-touching in the spectacular historical drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. It's really nice to see the Girls' Generation member again in a modern role. 

5. Jiang Chao is back!

We first noticed the handsome singer-actor Jiang Chao when he appeared as the villainous Fire Prince Xin Jue in Ice Fantasy. Too bad he exited the fantasy drama early on. In real life, he is dating actress Mai Dina who plays the Mermaid Princess Lan Shang.

They must be each other's fan!

Many DramaFever viewers are also recommending the fun movie. Check it out!


So I Married an Anti-Fan (2016)

Starring Park Chan Yeol and Yuan Shan Shan

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