It can be a lonely, lonely world out there without friends. K-pop bros need drinking buddies and cuddly friendship, too.

Below are some of the most well-known celebrity BFFs in Korea:

1. Song Seung Hun + So Ji Sub

Squee. These two met as newbie actors in the late '90s modeling for a jean brand called Storm and have been inseparable since, appearing at weddings together and regularly mentioning each other in interviews.

All. that. smolder. (and abs.)

2. Lee Jung Jae + Jung Woo Sung

Lee and Jung are so close it's sickeningly sweet, although, rightly, there's no reason to complain. They met filming the '90s Korean film classic There Is No Sun and have been besties ever since. They've launched a business, filmed commercials, and done countless photo shoots together.

According to Lee, they manage to meet at least once or twice a week to watch movies, drink, and explore new restaurants. It's no wonder there was a rumor floating around calling them the "Cheongdam-dong Married Couple."

3. Song Kang Ho + Kim Yoon Seok

Ah, the most precious of all bromances -- the longtime bromance. Although the two are now at the top of the Korean film scene, Song and Kim were unknown actors when they did theatre together more than 20 years ago. How adorable is it that they still attend each other's film premieres?

It is imperative that these two finally make a movie together. Please.

4. Won Bin + Kang Dong Won

Prettiest bromance ever? Probable. They were members of a celebrity soccer team called the Winners in 2002 and are known to enjoy playing other sports together, including basketball and -- ready for this? Starcraft. And Bubble Fighter.

Their friendship also became a hot issue when Kang came to see Won Bin off for his army duty.

Stop it, you perfect beings. Stop it.

5. Lee Min Ho + Jung Il Woo

Last but not least is the Lee-Jung bromance, which blossomed as the result of being introduced by a mutual friend while the two were in different middle schools.

In 2006, before either became stars, the pair went on a vacation and got into a car accident -- Lee was hospitalized for six months, and Jung went on to appear in High Kick Through the Roof!, which jump-started his career.

Lee has said that because neither of them enjoy drinking, they like to sit and chat at cafes and play Winning Eleven, a soccer game.

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