You’re the sort of fan who doesn’t stop at watching but goes the extra mile, imagining yourself actually living within the world of your favorite K-dramas! Here are five K-drama share-houses we dream of moving into. Take a look!

1. The Go Go Waikiki guesthouse

Three friends struggling in the film industry open a guesthouse, Waikiki, to fund their own film, but when a mysterious single mother with a baby shows up, their lives go in a very different direction.

2. The knights' house in Cinderella and Four Knights

After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Ha Won (Park So Dam) feels distant from her new family and after a series of fateful events winds up living in a mansion with four handsome men.

As a side note, the filming location of the ‘Ha Neul house’ is South Cape, a golf resort located in Korea’s south beach. Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin went on a romantic vacation there two summers ago.

3. Gong Hyo Jin's house in It's Okay, That's Love

In It's Okay, That's Love, Jae Yeol, a radio DJ with an obsessive compulsive disorder, is matched with psychiatrist Hae Soo, and their relationship evolves to much more than that of a patient and a doctor. In the second episode, Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) moves into Ji Have Soo's (Gong Hyo Jin) house, and becomes her new housemate joining current tenants Jo Dong Min (Sung Dong Il), and Park Soo Kwang (Lee Kwang Soo).

4. Full House

Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo) gets swindled into an all-inclusive trip to China. Once she's gone, they sell off her house. On the plane, she meets Lee Young Jae, a hotshot actor in Korea. Once she realizes she is stuck in China with no friends or money, she is forced to go to Lee Young Jae for help getting a ticket back home, though when she finally gets back to Korea she finds that she has no home to return to. In a bizarre twist of fate, it turns out her old house is now in the hands of the man she met on the plane.

5. The Goblin house

Do you remember Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) telling Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun), "No need to summon me now. I'm by your side"? on episode 5? It’s also the episode where Kim Shin goes so far as to say, “I love you.”

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Which house are you set on moving into? Please comment below with your choice!

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