As K-drama lovers, we all know that those touching scenes in our favorite dramas just wouldn't be the same without the amazing soundtracks playing behind them. Although there are plenty of amazing male singers as well, we'll be focusing on the leading ladies of original soundtracks (OST) for today. Let's take a look/listen!

1) Baek Ji Young

Head and shoulders above the rest, Baek Ji Young has to be the most popular OST singer around. Regardless of the song she sings, her music always instantly becomes a hit, rocketing up the charts and remaining stuck in viewer's heads well beyond the end of the drama. Personally, I had never downloaded an OST song until I heard Baek Ji Youn sing "Don't Forget" for the IRIS soundtrack. Even today, that song randomly pops into my head.

2) SNSD's Taeyeon

If anyone is giving Baek Ji Young a run for her money, it's SNSD's Taeyeon. As both the leader and lead singer of Girls' Generation, Taeyeon is known for her powerful voice and ability to sing solo. In fact, as a K-drama fan, it's almost impossible not to have heard one of her OSTs. Taeyeon's tracks appear in tons of dramas, including That Winter, The Wind Blows, To the Beautiful You, and King 2 Hearts.

3) Yoon Mi Rae

Although Yoon Mi Rae is just breaking in to the OST part of the music industry, she's doing it with explosive force. While usually known for her hip-hop style and appearances with Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae recently decided to venture into drama soundtracks with "Touch Love" for The Master's Sun. The song has been untouchable at the number one spot of the Korean music charts for weeks. More surprisingly, it's Yoon Mi Rae's first number one single in her career! It seems she's found her niche!

4) Davichi

The only non-solo act to make our list are the girls of Davichi. Both known for their extremely powerful vocals, Lee Hye Ri and Kang Min Kyung create amazing soundtracks that constantly top the charts. Even their regular singles and songs from their albums sound like they could be K-drama soundtracks, so it's no wonder they've gained so much love in the ballad business.

5) SISTAR's Hyorin

Like Yoon Mi Rae, SISTAR's Hyorin is a new star in the OST business. While her first OST back in 2010 wasn't immensely popular, her song "I Choose to Love You" from How to Love Smart gained her some attention. However, it wasn't until her recent "Driving Me Crazy" -- also for The Master's Sun -- that she really gained popularity as an OST singer. Much like Yoon Mi Rae, Hyorin's "Driving Me Crazy" managed to hold a strong position on the music charts for weeks on end. Keep an eye out for more from Hyorin!

Did your favorite female OST singer make the list? Or do you have a favorite OST track? Let us know in the comments!