If you’re a K-drama aficionado who has wondered how K-dramas are made, these five K-dramas will be of your interest. These five K-dramas about K-dramas paint reality on the Korean entertainment industry with insider's knowledge. Scroll down to reveal!

1. On Air

Starring: Lee Bum Soo and Kim Ha Neul

Premiered: 2008

Synopsis: Before the popular scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook wrote Heirs or Descendants of the Sun, she wrote this drama. In On Air, a snobby, inept actress (Kim Ha Neul), her top-notch manager (Kim Bum Soo), bestselling scriptwriter (Song Yoon Ah), and drama producer (Park Yong Ha) tell us the realities and behind-the-scenes stories of the TV industry.

2. Producer

Starring: Cha Tae Hyun, IU, Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin

Premiered: 2015

Synopsis: Shot ina mockumentary style, Producer shadows the lives and love stories of TV producers (Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin) and a pop star (IU), who work around the clock at a major broadcasting network.

3. The King of Dramas

Starring: Choi Si Won, Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won

Premiered: 2012

Synopsis: Successful TV producer Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) meets his match in spunky junior scriptwriter Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryeo Won). Despite their rocky relationship, they find that two heads are better than one—especially when it comes to courting the super popular idol boy Kang Hyun Min (Choi Si Won) for the drama of their careers.

4. The World That They Live In

Starring: Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo

Premiered: 2008

Synopsis: This drama puts a spotlight on the behind the scenes world of Korean dramas and offers an intriguing perspective on the personal and professional lives of two TV producers.

5. The Entertainer

Starring: Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

Premiered: April2016

Synopsis: Jung Geu Rin (Hyeri) is a broke 22-year-old girl whose life gets shaken upside down when she meets Mango Entertainment's CEO Shin Suk Ho (Ji Sung).

How many of these five have you watched? Which was your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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