Musical K-dramas are always so much fun to watch. Often, while watching a television show with music at its center, we feel the urge to sing and dance ourselves! Here are 5 Korean Dramas that will make you want to pick up your favorite instrument and start jamming with your friends.

1) Heartstrings

This adorable show, featuring the reunion of Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa after "You're Beautiful," is sure to make you want to join a musical!

2) Monstar

Featuring an idol from a K-Pop group who gets in trouble and is forced to attend school, this musical drama features both music and romance!

3) Dream High

Set in a music school, each episode is filled with both drama and wonderful singing and dancing!

4) Trot Lovers

There aren't too many shows featuring trot music, but this show is sure to make you smile as our leading lady sings her heart out!

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5) The Musical

This show focuses on a medical student who always wanted to become a musical actress, and it will make you want to fulfill your lifelong dream of starring in a musical!

These shows all deal with music and are sure to give you the urge to sing and dance as well! What other K-Dramas make you want to let out your inner musician?