Have you ever looked at music videos, live performances, fancams etc. and thought to yourself you wouldn't mind looking at your ultimate bias glare at you for hours on end? Well, I have accumulated a list of Kpop idols who I believe can totally act as a villain in any Kdrama any day!

1. T.O.P from Big Bang

Look at that photo! Definitely number one at pulling off a death stare but still come off as ultra-sexy! Like with IRIS, he can act as a killer and can potentially pull-off as believable. Honey, you can look at me like that any day!

2. Ji-Yeon from T-ara

For some darn reason, I can't imagine her acting as a cute girl throughout a drama. She HAS to be some sort of kid who comes from a prestigious family and tries to steal the main-lead's guy! I mean, look at that stare! This above is just "a look" she gives at a conference O.O

3. Lee Joon from MBLAQ

Okay, so he may come off as a sexy beat drenched in water but I believe that he can possibly pull off a murderer/contract killer!

4. UEE from After School

With her great performance in You're Beautiful, I have now a pretty multifaceted image of her imprinted into my brain. She just did a really good job, so much so that when I realised that she was a Kpop idol, I was absolutely shocked. "Wait, this chick can act like that AND SING?!...Cool!"

5. Kris from EXO

Alright, alright I have to admit, this guy may seem a tiddy-bit of a stretch here. But, after seeing his potential in the EXO drama MV #2 (the ending when he growls), I think many can agree with me in saying that if he tried to play as a potential love interest, or some sort of sexy loan-shark dealer (kind-of seen in the photo), no one would be complaining >//<

So, here is what I've come up with. Let me know in the comments below who you think can also act as a villain in a Kdrama. Thanks for reading!