You've probably come across numerous K-pop music videos that contained a plot that made you think, "Wow, imagine if that MV was a drama instead!" Well, below I have comprised a list of K-pop MVs which I believe would be absolutely perfect if adapted into an actual K-drama. And don't deny it; you thought the same thing too ^^

1. Kim Jong Kook - Letter

This is an old MV, starring a very young version of Park Shin Hye and a younger version of our Running Man Commander, Kim Jong Kook. The MV contains K-drama potential with a blossoming romance between the two leads, and a web of misunderstandings and dramatic plot twists. Any K-drama director would be practically drooling once they think of a proper complete plot for this MV! Maybe, Shin Hye gets better and she meets Jong Kook later on in the future...or at least that's what my childish imagination hopes for >//<

2. T-ara - Cry Cry + Lovey Dovey
These two MVs were a part one and two drama MV. Starring the leading male protagonist from The Greatest Love, Cha Seung-Won, and rising idol actress Park Ji Yeon, the two part MVs are filled with themes that any K-drama could borrow from. Father-killing saviors, total plastic-surgery transformations and mafia-gang brawls? All of the boxes on a writer's check list are ticked off! I can totally imagine this as an adventure per episode type of drama, similar to the style of Vampire Prosecutor and The Master's Sun, whilst having an overarching plot of Ji Yeon discovering that Cha Seung-Won was the one who killed her father. Oooooo the suspense!

3. So Ji Sub - 6pm...Ground
Wow, how lucky is Park Shin Hye?! First with Jong Kook, and now with Yoo Seung Ho AND So Ji Sub? Lu-cky! The whole idea of having Shin Hye and Seung Ho dating as a young couple, then Shin Hye and Ji Sub as the older couple would be awesome! Imagine what their back-story would be like, and what would happen after they met each other again, ten years later? Weren't you all dissatisfied with that ending of the MV? Well, maybe the MV should be made into a legit drama, and FINALLY we can know what really went down that day! The drama would probably be similar to Love Rain or Answer Me 1997, with that whole 'coming-of-age' genre style. Nevertheless, any drama that seems to have both Seung Ho and Ji Sub in it is a definite yes for me!

4. K. Will - Please don't
There needs to be at least one K-drama that deals with homosexuality on a major scale. The MV itself may not seem sufficient as a full-fledged 16 episodes+ drama, but it definitely has potential as a 2-3 episode drama special, like those ones from KBS. I just want one drama that deals with this societal issue. I've only ever seen another drama literally touch the tip of the iceberg involving that subject, which was in Miss Ripley back when Park Ji Yeon made her cameo appearance.

5. KISS - Because I'm a girl
If you thought the Kim Jong Kook's MV was old, think again. This is definitely older, as you can probably tell from the cliched plot and low-resolution video. However, there was a time where this type of plot totally trended throughout the K-drama world, with perfect examples such as Stairways to Heaven and Winter Sonata. Yes, it would be really annoying and heartbreaking to see such a plot in a modern drama again, but come on guys, we all would go ahead and watch it too, right? Right? *crickets chirping* I guess not then...*sigh* It's only me with this weird thought ><

So here are just 5 out of a billion K-pop MVs out there. There are plenty more drama MVs with similar qualities as you would find in most K-dramas. Which ones do you think have the potential of becoming a legitimate K-drama? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to see and read them!

Yami Hyunnie is a young blogger who is overly obsessed with Asian Pop Culture, and likes to share this with other fellow netizens on her blogsite Asia Reviewer Maniac. Likewise, she loves to share her undying passion for dramas and anime on DramaFever.