The great actor So Ji Sub once said, “I find a woman sexy when she works hard and smiles without being self conscious.” He is not the only one. What can possibly be hotter than someone who loves what they do? When a person is passionate about work, a project, or a lover, their eyes shine bright like diamonds! That immense energy is addictive, at times overpowering. No wonder these director-actor couples fell in love working side by side on set, right?

1 Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong

The first on the list is an international couple!

Chinese actress Tang Wei, most widely known for her appearance in Lust, Caution (2007), married Korean filmmaker Kim Tae Yong in July 2014. Kim and the Finding Mr. Right actress had fallen in love on set of Late Autumn (2010), which also starred Hyun Bin.

The couple believes cinema has brought them together. When announcing marriage, they said in a statement, “… Even though we must learn each other’s languages, this is our happiest moment as we both believe that we will further understand, respect and appreciate each other. Cinema is the most important witness to our relationship. We thank all our supporting friends. We also hope that when you meet your fate, you do not miss it.”

2 Moon So Ri and Jang Joon Hwan

This director-actress couple tied the knot in 2006 after Jang had pursued her rigorously, according to Moon! The actress most recently starred in The Handmaiden (2016).

3 Chae Ryung and Im Kwon Taek

Director Im and the 16-year-younger actress married in 1979, eight years after they filmed Yogeom.

“(Chae Ryung) said she won’t take off her clothes in front of the camera, so I removed a scene,” Im said on The Knee-Drop Guru in 2011. “One day, Chae Ryung’s parents came running to the set. She had not told her parents that she was filming a movie!”

4 Park Hee Bon and Yoon Sae Young

Actor Park Hee Bon and director Yoon Sae Young fell in love on set of web drama The Cravings Season 2. They dated for three years and tied the knot in June 2016.

5 Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo

"We are in love with each other. The reason we said nothing to the press so far is because we felt there was no need to explain such a personal affair,” Hong said on March 13 at a film press conference in Seoul. Hong and Kim made a movie about themselves, On the Beach at Night Alone, which won Kim Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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