Korean fashion is very trendy and fresh. Through watching Korean Dramas or listening to K-Pop, it is clear that fashion is a very important part of Korean culture. The airport fashion of celebrities is also often very hip and stylish as paparazzi always take pictures of them while at the airport. These 5 Korean fashion brands give us yet another reason to want to move all the way to South Korea!

1. Kye

Kye is a super trendy brand that has a very impressive clientele that includes both 2NE1's CL and Rita Ora!

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2. J Koo

J Koo is another trendy brand that has a lot of very fashionable "street-style" clothing.

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3. Lie Sang Bong

Lie Sang Bong is one of the hottest brands in high fashion. Lady Gaga has even been seen wearing a dress designed by Lie Sang Bong.

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4. Bean Pole

If you are into the whole preppy-cute look, then Bean Pole is the perfect brand for you!

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5. 87MM

The clothes are fantastic, and it doesn't hurt that the company was started by a trio of male models, Kim Won Joong, Kim Chan, and Park Ji Woon. Too bad you can only buy the clothes if you are from Korea at the moment.

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These 5 clothing brands are all so lovely. Unfortunately, most of them can only be purchased directly from South Korea. Who else wants to hop on a plane to Seoul and go on a shopping spree right now?! Also, let us know what your favorite Korean fashion brands are in the comments below!