LINE, the widely popular Japanese instant messaging app for smartphones and computers, is used by many for its variety of entertaining stickers, which are just like emojis but a lot bigger and a whole lot funnier. Here are five stickers to send to your boss when you think you'll get in trouble at work because when your boss sees these hilarious LINE stickers, he or she is, without a doubt, just going to have to let it slide.

I personally just started LINE a few weeks ago, and I am 100% addicted. The stickers are all so hilarious, able to describe in graphics and pictures tons of expressions, feelings, and situations. For me, and I'm not that smartphone and app savvy, sending and receiving messages has never been so fun. LINE users can also share audio and video, voice call for free, and even have video conferences. LINE is Japan's largest social network.

That is why in Japan, even one's boss at work is probably the owner a of LINE account, in which employees can send bosses stickers if they ever mess anything up instead of going up to their desks and apologizing like everyone else in the office. The boss (hopefully) might appreciate the humor, and if you're lucky, even start sending you funny stickers back. If and when that starts happening, you know you're in line for a promotion.


top to bottom: What's for lunch? - What? You want to eat lunch with me? -Oh my gosh! Sorry sir! That was for someone else! But...yes please! -In front of the elevator at 13:00.


top to bottom: You brought the sales data? - I'm so sorry. I thought Ohta san was going to bring it.- Alright. I'll move ahead with last week's data.


top to bottom: Meeting has started. Where are you? - I'm sorry! Forgot that was there in 5 minutes. - I'll let everyone know. - Thank you so much!

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top to bottom: What are you doing behind the ham cutlet? You want to change seats or something? - I'm on my way! - Okay. - You rule!


top to bottom: Looked like you and Saito san were hitting it off. Why don't you go out with him? - Mind your own business. Pretty impressive, making someone like me gross out like that. - Oh, guess you two weren't hitting it off then... - Please excuse my rudeness. Goodbye.