You all must have come across a manga, read it and thought to yourself, “Hey, this would be so awesome if it became a K-drama”, right? Well, here is a list of some of my favorite manga which totally need to be adapted into a K-drama RIGHT NOW!

1. Death Note

Can you just imagine Jo In-Sung and Song Joong Ki acting in this drama? Jo In-Sung would totally do well in acting as Kira, with Joong Ki as L. Ahhhh the thoughts...these feels guys, these feels lol

This manga is probably one of the most famously known among fans all across the globe. It is due to its uniqueness, which sets it apart from the rest. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you to get out there and read it. It is still one of my most favourite mangas to read, as it is truly a worthwhile experience to read.

2. Tokyo Crazy Paradise

I can almost picture Kim So-Yeon from IRIS as the girl lead, though it will be tough to find a male counterpart for her with that same feeling. Her acting in that drama was a-ma-zing, and she gives off a similar vibe as the girl in this manga.

Apart from Skip Beat, this is my most favourite manga from Yoshiki Nakamura. Aside from the fantastic art, the plot and characters are addictive to continue reading about. Both leads are both really badass, and the drama can be either light and fluffy between the leads, or it can take a turn and become something along the lines of the seriousness from both IRIS and Athena. So multifaceted and once again, something worth reading!

3. Dengeki Daisy

Female lead may be Sulli from f(x), Kim Yoo Jung or Park Bo Young I'd say.

As for the male lead, how about Chun Jung Myung from Cinderella's Sister...or just anyone that can pull off blond hair whilst wearing a suit...Kangin?!

Despite this manga not quite compete yet, it is still a manga who has readers totally hooked (like another certain manga which will be mentioned later on). I am a sad example of that group, but I don't regret a thing. This manga is totally suited for a drama! The only issue is the whole fact that this manga is not going to be finished any time soon. *sigh* #kdramaproblems

4. Nana

For the two main leads... maybe Suzy from Miss A or Park Shin-Hye as the kind Nana, and then BoA as the rock-idol Nana ;)

This manga is really inspiring, and is a journey that everyone should take. It is a story that brings two entirely different girls together, who only share one similarity - they both have the same name, Nana. Highly recommended!

And lastly,

5. Skip Beat

It would be awesome if it were Siwon and Donghae again, but maybe with Moon Geun-Young, or Moon Chae-Won for the main girl role.

The truth is, the Taiwanese drama version of this manga is...lacking. It didn't really do the manga any justice. A desire for a Korean drama version would be awesome! Skip Beat is just such a great manga, potentially capable of becoming a great drama. It's just a shame that they didn't do it right ><

So, here are my top five! Other notable mentions I must add include "Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama", "Ouran High School Host Club" and "Vampire Knight".

Let me know in the comments below which manga would you love to see become a Kdrama!