With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the pressure is on to find that one romantic gesture that could finally put an end to a one-sided love, or take you from second lead zero to k-drama hero, or if you have been married for a while like me, could just say I love you but if you don’t put your socks in the hamper I will murder you and marry So Ji Sub. Whatever the statement, K-dramas do romantic gestures so much better than boring old roses and candy. Here are five simple but romantic K-drama moves to steal for Valentine’s Day (or to email to your partner with the subject line hint, hint).

1. Cook the One You Love a Delicious Meal

In K-drama world, food equals love, sincerity equals love, and sincere food is freaking delicious. From hangover soup to chicken porridge when you are sick, if someone takes the time to make you delicious homemade food to comfort you, their heart is pure and their love is real. From shows like Pasta to Oh My Ghostess, K-dramas prove again and again that food is love. And please note that if that special someone has been acting like they hate you but then cooks you a meal, don't fret. They are likely a chaebol with amnesia or, at the very least, a dark and painful past. Swipe right, ladies. Swipe right.  

2. Protect the One You Love from Rain

It rains a lot in K-drama land, like the rainfall equivalent of Seattle weeping from binging on Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. But the upside to that is it means there are plenty of ways for that special someone to prove their love in a grand gesture of protection from the elements. If it is raining on Valentine’s Day, stand near the curb with him, wait for a bus to pass and see how he reacts. If he makes you the human shield (cough, cough, Nam Joo Hyuk from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), you’ve got some work to do. If he goes all protective like Min Ho from To the Beautiful You, you are one lucky lady! If it isn’t raining, don’t fret. Instead tell him to bring an umbrella to your date because you heard it might rain à la Another Oh Hae Young. If he brings two umbrellas instead of one, only forgive him if he looks like Eric Moon. Also if your bae really does look like Eric Moon, know that I hate you a little. 

3. Give them a Piggyback Ride or Back Hug

We all know K-dramas aren’t famous for their steamy make-out scenes (with some excellent exceptions, thank you Coffee Prince and Another Oh Hae Young), but they don’t actually lack in affection. And since long-lasting love is based in a deep friendship, piggyback rides and back hugs are some of the sweetest gestures out there. So go ahead and drink that second bottle of soju at dinner and get carried away by your true love (literally). If you’ve been married for a while like me, just go in for a back hug and add a sexy whisper saying something like put your #@$% socks in the hamper, Oppa. Sparks will fly!

4. Serenade Them with a Special Song

No matter how off-key, there is nothing sweeter than a man singing a love song to the woman he loves. Jung Yong Hwa singing his love confession to Park Shin Hye in Heartstrings, Park Shin Hye singing to Jang Geun Suk (and vice versa) in You're Beautiful, and everybody singing to each other in Dream High, even when it is the second male lead like in Go Ho's Starry Night, it is so epic! So Ji Sub could leave his socks on the floor for 100 years but if he sang me one song from the Descendants of the Sun soundtrack I would act as his human shield protecting him from puddles forever. FOREVER.

5. Take Them to a Special Place

Maybe it is a field of flowers where you met as children, an amusement park, an aquarium, or a helicopter ride to an island in the shape of a heart. Wherever the destination, taking your special someone to a place meaningful to you or them shows the depth of your feelings. Just don't go too far if you are giving a piggyback ride home, because that cannot be good for your back.  

6. Bonus Gesture: Bend the Space Time Continuum

Warning: this one should only be used on those of you who are certain your love is pure, otherwise you could end up like IU, stranded in the wrong era without a second season anywhere in sight. But if K-dramas have taught us anything it is that if you really love someone, you should be able to bend the space time continuum to your will for them. And not to get all Dear Abby on you, but if you can’t even do that much for each other, you might as well sign the divorce papers now. Other evidence of true love includes allowing a ghost to inhabit your body for love, loving a ghost, loving the reincarnation of your ill-fated love, being able to hear your loved one's thoughts, loving a person who is the spitting image of someone else you don't love but are married to, and loving someone who puts their socks in the hamper without being asked repeatedly. Keepers, all of these. Every last one. 

So there you go, a few romantic gestures to up your Valentine's Day mojo or put your love to the test. I know I missed a few, like wrist grabs, dramatic rescues from loan sharks, and awesome jewelry, but a listicle can only list so much! So what are some of your favorite romantic K-drama gestures you wish someone would do for you?

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